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    Thankfully we are all well at 2SEETV. Let us hope the London based guys can post a similar message. AliB
  2. AliB

    S/N Ratio

    Thomas Don't get confused between horizontal lines and vertical lines. All cameras and monitors use 625 horizontal lines - UK PAL system. NTSC of course different but the principle isthe same The resolution of a camera/monitor defines how often the signal can change in one line. A 480 lines camera will diaplay a change of 480 items across that line. If you looked at the vertical bars of a jail door and there were 480 bars across and the camera image just captured the door you would need a 480 line camera to display all the bars.
  3. AliB


    Welcome to the UK Rory's brother. Did you know Manchester is the wettest place in the UK, so bring brolly! I'll check out the music site when I have a free moment, see this forum does work for other things. Can he bring some Everfocus DVRs with him?
  4. Why are US prices so much better than than in the UK? The Everfocus EDSR1600 has a list price of over £2000, wholesale about £1800. Support is excellent in the UK - it should be at those price differences.
  5. AliB

    Best way forward

    You'll be lucky to get a 9 ch DM for under £1000 in the UK so you'll need to consider a "budget" DVR. We've supplied the Concept and Concept Pro range for sometime with good results. Regarding "futureproof" nothing much changes on a DVR so there is nothing to update (assuming hard disks continue to be readily available) On PC based system like Geo or Surelabs if you change or upgrade the PC you may have to upgrade the software although I'm sure Geo and Surelabs will be around for sometime. Surelabs is more flexible in their licencing for multiple users than Geo.
  6. The list of features is very long so I sent it to your email address. What a way to spend a Saturday!
  7. Does anyone have an independant comparison of the features and capabilities of these products. I have read comparisons publish by the manufactures themselves but these are bound to be biased. Following an earlier thread and comments from DVR_Expert_Australia it seems Geo allow unlimited copies of the software. With Surelabs if you buy a 4 port card and licence for one PC you can make a second copy on another PC. This means you can simply buy a second raw capture card (no software, hence very cheap) for the second PC and run a second set of 4 cameras. This is great as the business owner can have a 4 camera system at work remotely monitored at home with an additional 4 cameras on the home PC. If Geo can also do this I would like hear other merits of both systems. Or is it simply a pricing issue as Surelabs appear to be lower cost
  8. To be exact on the 25 or 30 frames for real time. The UK PAL system needs 25fps for realtime. NTSC needs 30fps. Geovision is not the only option. Surelabs have a real time capture card and associated software. If you are planning remote surveillance the Surelabs have several additions over Geo, the biggest is the way the licencing works. With Surelabs you can install a full second copy on a second PC. Geo only allows the second copy to have view-only function not access to the setup modes. Just PM me if you want full details of the Surelabs products.
  9. AliB

    Concept DMR PLUS 4 Camera DVR

    Use the DMRNET to connect the Concept DMR4 to a PC. This is basically a video webserver so allows the DMR to be connected to a LAN or Internet. It comes with free software for remote viewing. Well it does from us. www.2seetv.co.uk
  10. Here is our standard setup procedure. What do you need to know about filters? Standard Camera Set-Up Procedures a) Camera with Manual Iris Lens 1 Set the focus ring to infinity (far) 2 Set lens iris ring to f4 3 Set camera switches AGC ON BLC OFF Gamma 0.45 AES (EI) ON AWB Auto (Colour Cameras only) LL ON 4 Adjust camera focus for the sharpest picture b) Camera with Auto Iris (Video Drive) Lens 1 Set The focus ring to infinity (far) 2 Set lens iris P-A setting to Average 3 Set camera switches AGC ON BLC OFF Gamma 0.45 AES (EI) OFF AWB Auto (Colour Cameras only) Lens Video 4 Adjust Camera focus for the sharpest picture 5 Adjust lens iris level for correct whites in daylight 6 Adjust lens iris P-A to reduce blooming at night c) Camera with Direct Drive Lens 1 Set The focus ring to infinity (far) 2 Set camera switches AGC ON BLC OFF Gamma 0.45 AES (EI) OFF AWB Auto (Colour Cameras only) Lens DC 3 Adjust Camera focus for the sharpest picture 4 Adjust iris level on camera for correct whites in good daylight
  11. AliB

    Reference check on KT&C

    We have been selling KT&C for over a year. They have proved very popular and the quality has been excellent - only one failure! We only sell in the UK