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  1. DaanopticsSteve

    Pen camera

    Do you guys like pen camera?
  2. DaanopticsSteve

    Looking for a very sensitive IP camera

    I MAKE SUCH A CAMERA ....... The hik copy more junk from China See your business is only 2 months old. And your website Spam = junk ```````````````````````````````` Yes, my business is only two month. The lens I am promoting is from same supplier with Hik. I just sell lens. What my advantages is that I know good suppliers. my web is www.daancctv.com. The sensitive camera need senstive lens. F1.2 aperture, big image size, more than 6Mp or 8Mp resolution. If my information doesnot help you, allow me applogize.
  3. DaanopticsSteve

    Looking for a very sensitive IP camera

    HI, i guess that you may need a intelligent transportation system camera to check and record the license plate No. I make such camera and lens. maybe you contact with me by email steve@daansmart.com.