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  1. dachub

    any reason why not UTP?

    Maybe STP would be better as it's shieled?
  2. dachub

    Defacto DVR?

    Im planning on using a standalone DVR not a PC capture card solution. What brands are good? Avermedia?
  3. dachub

    Defacto DVR?

    Hi guys - I would normally order through a distribution company so I dont mind where it comes from! Quality and value for money count. Dave.
  4. dachub

    Defacto DVR?

    Hi thanks for your reply. At the moment im being asked about very small simple installs for small business to monitor thier reception and front door etc. 1-4 cameras max. As im new to CCTV I would stick to simple systems until I have some experience/work. PTZ etc probably not required at this stage. Remote view via web is on the list as well as good value for money! I'm based in the UK so not sure sticking to American brands makes any difference here. The Avermedia systems seem to come up alot on the web - any good? Thanks. Dave.
  5. Hello - I am expanding my IT business to cover some basic CCTV systems. Is there a standard brand of DVR that CCTV pro's stick to? Currently im looking at the cheaper end of the market. Option for networking and 4 camera's. What name comes to the top for most? Any advice would be great! Dave.