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  1. thaking

    Goodbye CVI hello 1080P AHD DVR

    Source, please. I find it very difficult to believe a proprietary Analog HD technology with only a relatively few small manufacturers and VARs producing and selling products has overtaken market share from Dahua and Hikvision on their home turf. Survtech, the claim might be right. I am also monitoring the market carefully. Note that AHD did make some success in Korea. The AHD receiver chip set can also capture the conventional NTSC or PAL signal automatically. Therefore, its DVR could be cheaper than TVI's or CVI's, which probably need extra decoding(NTSC,PAL) chip set. China manufactueres are very sensitive penny-wise. You are Absolutely right. What most of you reading what I wrote at face value. AHD has been around it is not new, before the picture quality looked cheap and whereas now it is full 1080P. And the cameras though they are AHD, when hooked up to an Analog DVR they will display at 960H. Understand that here in the states the only people that were installing AHD were the guys that would bundle the cheap kits with their alarm sells. Like I said I am in the wholesale business selling to distributors, I am only here to keep knowledge sharp as well provide information on which direction the market is heading.
  2. thaking

    Goodbye CVI hello 1080P AHD DVR

    Obviously it's not spam, if we have multiple locations, don't you think the word should be out there. We are a manufacturer. Apple is based in Cupertino and I'm very sure none of their manufacturing takes place there call me let's talk about this tom.
  3. thaking

    Goodbye CVI hello 1080P AHD DVR

    First of, None of the major manufacturers are doing 1080p AHD DVRs, Second AHD is not Dahua's tech it's Korean technology, Third I am not to argue with you tom or mislead anyone but I speak facts.
  4. I'm Not sure if you guys know this or not. In recent years China, sets the trend for CCTV worldwide, with company's like Hikvision and Dahua OEMing for Everyone. Recently in China 1080P AHD has overtaken the market share of TVI and CVI, 1080P AHD has a resolution that is very similar to SDI. I can answer any questions you guys have about the CCTV market, where it's heading, and share certain tips to keep you guys ahead of the curve