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  1. GV.Jackie

    Rugged IP camera

    Let me put some more input. The reason why I started this topic is because people can find analog camera to work under extreme environment, -40C to 70C for example, but you can't find a IP camera match that spec. That's why I am wondering if people need to use IP camera in some tough environment, what's their choice?
  2. Hi everyone, Wondering has any of you ever need to build a system with requirement of rugged design? By rugged, I mean such as below: 1. Wide operating temp. (like -40C to 70C) 2. Anti-vibration, anti-shock 3. High ESD, surge protection 4. Explode resistant etc... If you has, what's the solution you adopted? Asking this is because right now most surveillance equipment in industrial gade application are still analog, and to break into that market, you need a IP camera that can endure tough environment, and seems there is no such solution right now in the market. Most obvious example is that even with housing, IP camera usually has operating temperature range wide as only -20C to 55C. If there is one real tough IP camera hit the market, will you be interested? (if price is similar to Axis/Pelco level)
  3. GV.Jackie

    Two NV8416 build

    Sorry didn't come back for a long time. Actually I am pretty confident that I am right about i7 spec, and socket doesn't matter, it will do as long as it's core i7. You can specifically ask their tech support guy are they aware of this design in their software, then they will check with HQ, I am sure they will admit they were wrong. Make sure you are using latest version and then try again. Anyway, right now the design has changed again, there will be no more limitaion for H.264 recording frmae rate, software codec will utilize the full power of CPU no matter it's i7 or not, just I am not sure from which version this will be done. FYR.
  4. http://www.avermedia.com/AVerDiGi/ AVermedia is more well known for their cards, and it's all hybrid. Actually they also provide NVR based on the same design. You can use a USB as software license, or buy a NVR card so you can have IP camera spot out. One special thing is that there are "embedded hybrid NVR" or "embedded pure NVR" in their product lineup. You can connect megapixel cameras for in those systems with local display, that's not common in the market, and it's a great product with low price compare to other standalond solution. (do compare with those NAS NVR though)
  5. GV.Jackie

    Two NV8416 build

    Too late when I see this. Since price is not an issue, why not go with i7, with i7 CPU, you can have H.264 960 D1 recording for 32 channels. Their system have a checkin mechanism, when the CPU is i7, H.264 compression limitation will be lifted and you can go full speed for H.264. Anyway, too late for this case, for your future reference.
  6. GV.Jackie

    Windows 7 and NV6480

    I used it with Windows7, there is no problem, just not to use 64 bit.
  7. EH series comes with Gigabit LAN, I don't think bandwidth will be a problem. And most important, they are total different product, if you compare to NUUO Mini, that is a NAS recorder without local display while AVer EH series is embedded Hybrid DVR with local display. If what you want is NAS recorder, there is a MXR series in AVer family, which is the right product for you, and that comes with dual Gigabit LAN port, you don't have to worry about bandwidth. ps. Actually AVer NVR also support H.264 if you mean IP camera channels
  8. Has anyone tested this new software? There are some interesting features inside, for example, PTZ automation (intutive PTZ on video control), camera tree display in live view, and a new debug tool for technical support. I think the most interesting thing is that they now have USB dongle for IP camera channel license, and you can work with your existed analog channels then expand the system capability. Very cool!
  9. GV.Jackie

    POS remote viewing on Avermedia

    If you can see POS data in playback, you really should see it in preview as well. Only one thing in your statement is AVer's real missing part, which is the POS serach in remote console, they will add in future version I think. As for CM3000 and remote console, webviewer, to view POS remotely is definitely a spec, I'll suggest you to contact your distributor or even the FAE of AVerMedia for trouble shooting. Good luck to you.
  10. GV.Jackie

    Two NV6480EXP-16CH - 32cam- Software

    Hmm...I don't think so... There should be option for you to have 32 channels VGA realtime in new version 7.3. It doesn't make sense that you can have it in previous version but not in new version... What version you tried and failed to have 32 channels VGA realtime?
  11. GV.Jackie

    POS remote viewing on Avermedia

    You are right, I don't think the tech. supprt's reply is correct. Of course you can view POS transcation remotely if in live. Both webcam and remote console are able to do it. Possible reason for the POS text missing is that you didn't choose the remote video quality to be high. First log in with webviewer and then right click on the channel which you want to show POS data. Then, in the right click menu, you can set the video quality to be high, and supposely you'll see the POS text now. Just make sure you have 7.3 or above version installed at the DVR site. PS. If you choose LAN when you log in webviewer and remote console, the default video quality will be high.
  12. GV.Jackie

    warning re avermedia and POS and Vista

    Do you know that you can set video quality channel by channel remotely at webviewer or remote console? Right click on one split and then you can set video quality. And, to view POS, you have to set the quality to high. Try that and let us know have you got it work. I am pretty sure AVer can let you view POS remotely.
  13. GV.Jackie

    AVerMedia versus GeoVision

    I just like to reply to the original post here. Actually what you said are all improved in AVer's latest CM3000 7.3, you should try that version, you can do remote backup easily as the independent backup software and you can have live monitor video in 1st screen instead of alarm video. Just try it, they are going ahead of GV more and more now.
  14. GV.Jackie


    what's Ubuntu? Would you mind explain a little?
  15. GV.Jackie

    Spot out Monitor

    The check box is greyed out in previous version. However, in 7.3, this option in enabled, I suppose AVerMedia heard what you want, hahaha...