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  1. Have you tried tweaking any of the display settings in the dvr for each 4 camera? Could be your hue is off and you need to drop the saturation a bit. Have you tried another TV/other cams for both live view and playback of recorded? If those still won't work it out, my advice is that contact them via their official facebook page, where you can get your questions answered in time. Last time when I stuck on the set-up problem, I left a message on their official facebook page and got my problem solved on the second day. Hope it helps.
  2. Well, if you want to go something other than wireless you could get an decent 8 camera system. I got my cctv camera kit from Amazon for less than two hundred bucks, a floureon security camera system with 4 cameras. You can leave expansion on in case you change your mind. And this system starts off with some pretty nice 1200 TVL resolution. Besides resolution, its night vision is quite good with 36 IR leds. It has IP66 ratings so you can use it outdoors. You can check it out on Amazon, or tell us more about your requirements. P.S. In my opinion, the community here will be happy to make other suggestions if you share a bit more of your thoughts.
  3. Do some research before you buy any cams. You can head for amazon or bestbuy or newegg. What kind of cameras do you want? How many? How much? Outdoors or indoors?
  4. Well, I don't think wifi cameras could do a good job. Wireless is not reliable for outdoor surveillance, because the wifi signal is not stable when penetrating walls. Hard-wired or POE camera system is recommended. IP / POE cameras mean you will be running ethernet cable through the walls of your house - this is the frustrating part (same with wired system). If you buy everything yourself, you will need some server space to keep images and recordings - this can be in your home or in the cloud (preferably both). You will need a decent upload speed (The higher resolution, the higher requirement of speed) and likely have to pay for software if you want to upload to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
  5. Wonderlands

    Floureon 4ch h264 DVR player

    I can view the footage on my phone via the ViewEasyV2 and have never got involved with this problem. My advice is that contact them via their official facebook page, where you can get your questions answered. Last time when I stuck on the set-up problem, I left a message on their official facebook page and got my problem solved on the second day. Hope it helps.
  6. Wonderlands

    ebay brands....

    Hi, none of them are the best. Every single solitary one of them is a compromise of one sort or another. And ONVIF is not a camera brand. It is an organization started in 2008 by Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems and Sony with the goal to facilitate the development and use of a global open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products. What kind of dvr set do you need? How many channels?
  7. Wonderlands

    Web Surveillance

    Hi. They are easy to set up ..... But first you need to QR reader app on your smartphone or tablet. Then go into menu then guide and click on next and follow the screen instructions Tomcctv gets the right answer. It's really a piece of cake. You can follow this video and do it step by step: Also keep in mind that ViewEasyV2 does not support windows phone. However, it only supports iPhones and android phones. And the default administrator account is as followed. Username: admin and no password is needed.
  8. Do you have any links of the new dvr and cameras? What kind of cables do you use?
  9. Hi, have you tried to hook up the new 4 cameras to the old floureon dvr? You need to figure out whether the problem lies in the cameras or the compatibility of the new dvr and new cams.
  10. Wonderlands

    Wisdom and Advice please for a (Budget) DVR

    What's wrong with Chinese server using a QR Code setup? I thought it's very convenient to use, eat to set up. ** Almost forgot your previous thread, now I see the point.
  11. Wonderlands

    Floureon 4ch

    Now I see your point. Any luck to make it? And one security issue overlooked by many people of these DVRs is the risk on a backdoor hardcoded into firmware. If you have the knack for this kind of thing, you may take a look at the code as well.
  12. Wonderlands

    Floureon 4ch

    I view the footage from my PC via the 32 bit Internet Explorer (4ch floureon). No matter viewing via IE or VMS software, it seems that we need to make sure that the Gateway and DNS are exactly the same for DVR and computer. The two ports on my unit are same as yours. For phone viewing, I use the easyview V2 on my iPhone. And now that your system does its job why bother to fix it?
  13. Wonderlands

    Looking for home security camera -

    Well, a suggestion is to get a 4ch camera system (includes cameras, dvr and hdd). Amazon is an EASY way to get some cameras: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=4ch+cctv+dvr+kit&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3A4ch+cctv+dvr+kit Floureon and Samsung are common brands people trust. Browse Amazon to see specific models that are popular. (Just make sure they are IR - Day/Night cameras.) Most run around 100 to 200 dollars depending on features. And whether to record footage on SD card or HDD? HDDs is better than SD cards for recording due to the idea that there are only a finite amount of read/write cycles that an SD card will remain reliable. Also, read/write speeds are slower than an external HDD, even if you get a faster class of SD card. Still, for storage of files that are rarely used, an SD card would be an option.
  14. Wonderlands

    Floureon DVR H.264 H960 8ch manual

    Contact them via their official facebook page, you can get your questions answered. Last time when I stuck on the set-up problem, I left a message on their official facebook page and got a solution on the second day.
  15. Wonderlands

    Buying outdoor ip security cameras

    Cable free, it looks really slick and stylish. But not a good option for outdoor surveillance because they just aren't suitable for this. The battery issue. The arlo official site says that With normal use the batteries in an Arlo camera last about 6 months, with the actual time varying depending on the amount of live viewing and motion activation that occurs. Actually you know that the battery will last for 6 months when you only view 5 mins a day. How can this be a daily security cam! As for the cold resistance, I don't know any product with lithium batteries that can survive 0 to 10 degree F temperatures outside for very long. Your going to get false readings because of problems with the chemistry not a software problem. Maybe you can switch to rechargeable battery but this's an extra cost.