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  1. helen1026520

    A girl from China, happy to come here.

    hello Arsenalfan, Nice to meet you too. i am happy you love this journey,and hope you and your wife will be have another chance to tourist in China, for there are many other port worth to see, some full of culture or some beautiful landscape. i also like you to have a try with Chiese food,especially Sichuan Cuisine; Sichuan Cuisine is wonderful. maybe someday you can have a try, i promise you will love it. helen
  2. Hello friends, this is Helen from China, so nice to meet you. so every one here just talk about the security industry of discuss something related? i just come here as if there is so many people here. by the way, is there any one who use the Skype? this is my Skype ID: helen1026520. and my job is related to the access control. maybe that's all for my introduction. thanks. BR