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  1. stealth_lee

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Hi, Doug is using VMS not NVR/Multicam so...
  2. stealth_lee

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Hi, It seems that you have added camera to VMS but did not place the camera to live view layout. Please try press "F5" key on your keyboard to bring up the content list and under "camera" you can expand all the cameras then use your mouse to drag the cameras (one by one) you want directly to add to VMS live view layout. If you are not satisfied with live view layout you can customize it under "layout" in content list. Hope it helps.
  3. stealth_lee

    GV-600B Card

    Hi Albert, Did you try out the Digital Matrix function in DVR v8.6.2.0 on multi-monitor to see if it fit your needs? You can set the 2 pubic viewable cameras on Digital Matrix.
  4. stealth_lee

    RTSP feed for the GV-UBLC1301 cloud camera

    AFAIK, cloud series camera doesn't support RTSP. You may have to contact http://www.usavisionsys.com/ for further info.
  5. stealth_lee

    Geovision GPU Decoding

    Thanks stealth_lee. Wow, that is quite a limitation. I mean, If I have a nice Nvidia GPU hanging around, it sounds like I can't use it with Geovision. That's a bummer. I wonder why they don't allow the GPU decoding to work with Nvidia or AMD GPU's? Well, I guess that's how they choose to implement GPU decoding function at first. I heard through the grapevine that they will be supporting nVidia GPUs in the future. My guess would be their nVidia GPU decode performance won't match Intel GPU's QuickSync. Since Intel put a lot of effort into QuickSync and nVidia GPU have hardware limitation while doing computation (especially context switching...)
  6. stealth_lee

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Well, that's good news. Good to hear it's working for you.
  7. stealth_lee

    gv-1240 card but Cameras need to be upgraded

    Hi, You are at crossroads. So here is my 2 cents, FWIW. The industry trend is mainly shifting towards digital, which is IP cameras. Going to IP cameras have advantages of going digital and (usually) have higher resolutions. The drawback for going IP based is higher costs and compatibility issues between different hardware/software. However, in the analog there are still some vendors which promote technology that provide higher resolutions than 480p or 960H while running on RG59/RG6 coaxial cables. The front runners are: AHD (Nextchip based), TVI (HikVsion and Techpoint) and CVI (Dahua). HD-CVI is the first technology into this market developed by Dahua and so far not much traction despite being the first vendor to provide 720p/1080p solutions. HD-TVI is mainly backed by HikVision and some vendors also use Techpoint solutions to provide it. They have 1080p cameras and demoing 3MP, 5MP cameras for future products. AHD is very low priced and lots of me-too Chinese vendor provide standalones on the market. AHD currently provide 1080p resolution and not much detail about the future products. So far they only provide a technology demo of streaming 4K video and nothing concrete. Forget about SDI/HD-SDI, it's petering out. It's a brief about what's in the market right now and you can choose which one best fits your need.
  8. stealth_lee

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Hi, You will need to have a VMS license for 3rd party cameras. NVR license will not work. There is a trial version which gives you 60 days trial for 3rd party cameras. (There will be a "trial" watermark on the video) You can download VMS trial software here:
  9. stealth_lee

    GV-5016 ver trouble shutdown when restarting

    Hi, It seems that you have an old version software, have you tried update to the latest version You can download it here: http://bit.ly/1RfPgXk It would be nice if you can provide some info about your PC equipment spec and the configuration of your GV5016 card. For example: The CPU model, mainboard model and mainboard BIOS version What OS are you running? The card is in duo card or single card mode Which PCIe slot is the card inserted Photos of front and back of GV5016 card The powershell script/batch file used to restart PC You can also provide the Application log and System log in Windows' event viewer and save it as *.evtx file. You can find how to access Windows Event Viewer here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/what-information-event-logs-event-viewer#1TC=windows-7 I might have a better chance helping you if I have the above info.
  10. stealth_lee

    Looking for GV-system software v 7.0.5

    Hi, Sorry that the software is not working for you. Glad to hear that you have it working now.
  11. stealth_lee

    Looking for GV-system software v 7.0.5

    Hi, From the pictures you posted, the card is GV800 ver 3.01 and it looks authentic to me, but it's better for geovision to verify it for you. I googled the old version 7.0.5, you can try download it here: http://ow.ly/TnePw Hope it helps. If you encounter any errors, you can post the error message/screenshot here so we can have a better chance of helping you.
  12. stealth_lee

    Looking for GV-system software v 7.0.5

    Hi, GV800 card is quite old and I have virtually no experience with it. AFAIK, there are many revisions of GV800 card and so the accompanying software version also varies. For example, GV800v3 card have version 3.0, 3.01, 3.30 and 3.31, also there is a model called GV800_4A card. So maybe it is best that you can take a clear photo of front and back of that GV800 card and provide it to geovision so you can be sure they will give you the correct answer you are looking for. Please forgive me that I wasn't being helpful.
  13. stealth_lee

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Hi From what I heard the NVR license can't work on VMS, you need to buy additional VMS license. (I heard that NVR --> VMS have a upgrade pricing that is cheaper but I'm not certain, you may have to double check that) But if you only use GV IP cameras then VMS14.1 can connect up to 32 GV IP cam without license. For VMS to connect 3rd party IP cameras, VMS license must be purchased. You can use VMS to connect only GV IP cameras to try it out, if you feel satisfied then you can purchase VMS license. You can contact http://www.usavisionsys.com/ for more details about VMS license pricing.
  14. Hi IP decoder box can support RTSP streams in H.264, it doesn't support MJPEG or MPEG4 streaming. A few things you can check first: (1) Try using VLC software on a PC that can verify whether the syntax rtsp://ip_address or rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/VideoInput/1/h264/1 is streaming video from Sanyo VCC-HD2300 (2) And whether RTSP is streaming in H.264? If GV-NVR/VLC can already connect to Sanyo VCC-HD2300 via RTSP then you can check in GV-NVR/VLC whether Sanyo VCC-HD2300 is streaming MPEG4, MJPEG or H.264 with RTSP. Please note that IP decoder box only support 1280x720 resolution in quad (2x2) live view, so if you're using quad view (2x2) layout in IP decoder box then the streaming video resolution can not exceed 1280x720. For 1x1 layout single channel live view, IP decoder box support max. 5MP so this would not be an issue (since your Sanyo IP camera is only 4MP). GV-IP decoder box doesn't seem to be a PC based system? Not sure if it is suitable for this forum, perhaps you can contact http://www.usavisionsys.com/ .
  15. stealth_lee

    Camera always disconnect

    Hi Care to provide what model is the camera having issue using ONVIF? My guess would be something is not going well with GV-NVR's implementation ONVIF protocol with that particular camera or it could be that particular camera's ONVIF implementation is buggy, but it's better for you contact http://www.usavisionsys.com/ to find out It's only my guess