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  1. I get it work. i installed windows 10. probobly with an other internet explorer and/or with out quicktime. what i can see the website uses an other player. stil i needed some activex changes in the settings. I think i need to do that at my other pc. so far so good, it is working on one pc.
  2. Well i did remove quicktime. Still the same message. I tried to setup an other default player like media player but still the same message that it need quicktime. I tried IE and google Chrome. Chrome is not compatible with quicktime and tels the website ia asking thet it need quicktime. Look like it comes from the device. When i gave more time i will try more. If anyone has ideas please lett me know. Thanks for help so far
  3. What is was thinking, do i realy need quicktime for this? Perhaps the other plugin is enough. I will try this later. Remove quicktime. I'm nit at my computer now.
  4. Hello. Thanks for your reply and thinking with me at my problem. I installed te program (plugin). I did set the dvr a static ip adres. But i keep on getting the message to install quicktime. I can see the camera pictures but after 8 times the message of quicktime (8 camera screens) the web is redirect to quicktime. So i can't do anything on the webpage of my dvr. Well thanks for thinking and your reply. If you know more where i can find the solution, please lett me know. I am also do some settings at quicktime like play all video files at quicktime... Do you know if there is an application to see the camera pictures? If i have it work i will let it know. Thanks so far Remon
  5. Ok today i will go on. I think the program is a plugin or somthing. but i sti have problems when i log in on my dvr. when i login the camera pictures shows but it gives the message that i ned to download quicktime but that is already installed. after cancel or ok it will go to the quicktime website. I have read on the internet that there is also an aplication to login on the dvr and configure it and see the camera pictures. I have my dvr set a week but didn't have a cdrom so i don't know if it needs software .... who can help?
  6. Hi, I just tried to install the web en cloud for viewing localy and on the cloud but how can i start that program, i don't see it after installing. first time it gives an error that it not installed correctly then i installed it again with no error but i can't find the program. I tried it on 2 computer with windows 8 and windows 7, both the same problem. perhaps you have a solution. Tomorrow i will try again.
  7. Thank you!! I will look at the PM. I look at your advise. hope it wil work then. Thanks so far
  8. Hello, That would be geat. It is the same DVR but only 4channel but that is ok. If i can download it somewhere that would be nice. Please lt me know. You can also email it but then i need to give my email adres. please let me know how we can do that. Other question, how can i update it to the latest firmware? And i have trouble to configure it and watch the dvr by internet explorer and other explorers. it is stil given the message quicktime is needed (but that is installed) and i can't configure it by lan Well thanks for your reaction and yes i want the manual. I hope to here from you. tanks Remon
  9. Well i'm afraid nobody can tell me where to find the user manual. also the configuration of this DVR is bad and the login on the dvr from an explorer is bas. it is still asking for quicktime installation (is already installed). Service from floureon is bad. the site is bad, no information on that. How can i get the information i need? I have this DVR: http://www.floureon.com/Floureon_security_kit.html somebody who can help me?
  10. Who can tell me where i can find the usermanual of the Floureon DVR H.264 8ch device? I hope some one can tell me where i can find it! tnx Remon