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  1. kabukiUkie

    GV-IP Camera

    Can this ip camera be connected directly to a Geovision DVR and function alongside cctv cameras? I see there is an "add ip camera" in the software, but I'm not so sure this would work. Is there something additional thats required to go between the cam and dvr? How does it get power, I read it's POE... how exactly does that work? I know ip cameras generally need to be connected to a NVR, avoiding the need for a video capture card, but requiring NVR software. Can someone break it down for me?
  2. kabukiUkie

    remote controls conflicting with multiple dvrs

    so I would have to purchase another remote that works on a different channel? there is no way to configure the remote to work on another channel?
  3. Hello, Two geovision systems in one room, both have remote controls. What do you guys suggest I do, since one remote controls both systems at the same time. I was thinking of a device similar to a kvm that connects one keyboard to two computers through a switch, except instead of the keyboard the receiver, to be able to select between the dvrs. Or is there a simple solution I am overlooking? Thanks all!
  4. kabukiUkie

    Geovision backup

    I need to connect two identical 16ch geovision dvrs to a backup that will collect and store the video. We are talking lan here. Does geovsion have some software to accomplish this?
  5. so a core 2 duo e6600 will do the job or are we talking quad core?
  6. w w w.aver.c o m/dvr/nv6000exp.pdf according to these specs, the nv6480 accomplishes 480 fps recording at vga resolution with 16 channels, but when stacked, the cards still record at 480 fps at vga resolution. Are you speaking from experience or did you assume that since 1 card does 480 then 2 cards should do 960? I'm hoping you are right.
  7. Has anyone any suggestions for a 32 channel dvr card? I looked at the avermedia NV6000 which is a stackable 16 ch card. At first look it does 960/960 fps, but upon closer inspection it accomplishes 960 fps recording at CIF resolution, 480 fps at VGA resolution (whatever that is?), or 240 fps at D1. Preferably, I'm looking for hardware compression that accomplishes 960 fps recording at a higher resolution than CIF. I found this product, but it has very little documentation and no manufacturer/model. Maybe someone can id this card and provide some more information. w w w . edigitaldeals . c o m/shop/surveillance/dvr-cards/-32ch/d1-32.html?ic=default I'm open to all suggestions... Thanks! edit: I am also considered using ip cams, either a NVR or hybrid system, but if I were to use all high mega pixel cams I figure 32 cams would be overkill to cover a banquet hall. However, I'm leaning towards a hybrid solution so that I can use several ip cams and the rest analogue. Please help me weigh my options.
  8. kabukiUkie

    first build

    I tried the GeoMPEG but it takes up considerably much more hd space. these are very expensive cards, and they do not compress in h.264 does anyone know of any other cards that are not necessarily hw compression but are comparable to the geo 1480 in terms of recording resolution and fps?
  9. kabukiUkie

    first build

    Hello all, I've been lurking around these forums for a bit... great information. I put together a dvr with a geovision 1480 card. The dvr has a p 4 3.0 ghz with 1 gb of ram, radeon x550 256mb, and 1 tb hd. So far I have 5 cameras hooked up recording at 30 fps each with h.264 compression at 720x480 resolution. I plan on having all 16 cams recording at that resolution, but I'm not sure that the specs on the dvr will handle it, since the cpu is around 80%-100% usage with the 5 cams. What can you guys tell me based on your experience? Is it more favorable to set a resolution with de-interlace? Does it take up more hd space? Finally, are there any other capture cards that record 480 fps at 720x480 or 640x480? All that I found are 480 fps at 320x240 or 240 fps at 640x480.