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  1. gpower07

    Best HD IP security camera's?

    250$ you maybe get two 1.3MP.
  2. gpower07

    Has Anyone heard of Microseven Cameras

    microseven is base in walnut creek California....If I do remember correctly. I would use hikvision over this brand.
  3. I have some ACTi around my house...pricy and not as good as hikvision.
  4. I have 2 D72. pictures not as good as hikvision. and PRICY!!!!
  5. gpower07

    which brand camera is this ?

    I see. stick with hikvision for dahua. CHEAP and look good.
  6. gpower07

    Help with Camera ID...

    First,They are pricy. Second, only couple model nvr you can pick. pricy nvr too. why you need auto focus and zoom. 4mp can see a lot of details. I would recommend Hikvision. about 160$ each.
  7. gpower07

    License plate ID camera

    try the hikvision 3mp VR focus lens. 25feet no problem. 50feet NO. about 269$
  8. the 9632 has lan 1 and 2. you can connect all your camera to lan 1 or lan2. and other one connect to the internet. I done more than 8 of them this year.
  9. gpower07

    security camera from costco

    they are rebranded dahua products. but I like hikvsion more. easier to use. dahua nvr you can't delete 888888 and 666666 accounts in the nvr. I don't know about the one in Costco.
  10. gpower07

    which brand camera is this ?

    look like dahua. for sure not hikvision.bz they don't make 3.6mm.
  11. gpower07

    New System for Hotel

    I personally use hikvision cameras and nvr, for the wifi, you can get a Ubiquiti unit. my English not so good. but I done it before.
  12. gpower07

    Goodbye CVI hello 1080P AHD DVR

    I only like IP cameras. yes,,,tvi and civ can use the old wires. but only limited to 1080.
  13. gpower07

    Maximum lenght CAT5 for IP cam

    you can get a Poe extension. so add another 100M.