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  1. I have setup a Tiandy NVR CCTV system on a large houseboat. We have also setup a security system. The houseboat is unattended a great deal of the time. We need to detect trespassers on the front and rear decks of the boat. The owner has had troubles with uninvited guests using the decks for parties etc. So far no breakins but that will be only a matter of time. PIR's fitted front and rear were causing many false alarms as there are often birds like brolga's and pelicans wandering on the decks. I decided to try and use the cameras to detect humans on the decks. I setup tripwire sensors on the Tiandy cameras but these are also being tripped by the birds despite specifying people as the target. I was wondering if the Forum gurus maybe able to offer any possible solutions which will eliminate the false trips or suggest any other solution that maybe available. Regards Graeme