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  1. I have uploaded a manual for you to download here https://gofile.io/d/CIHzwM Hope it is what you need.
  2. Check your private messages
  3. What do you mean by put the cameras on your computer. Are you just wanting to view them in your web browser?
  4. I don't have quicktime on my computer and I don't know why your browser is asking for quicktime because you are not trying to play a video file - just display the camera stream. As you have suggested - maybe remove quicktime and see if that stops the message. Good luck.
  5. Sorry - didn't receive any post notifications so didn't know you'd come back. I'm not sure what it is that is generating your quicktime requirement - I have not experienced that. You are right, the program 'TSWebClient_EN_SetUp.exe' is a plugin. Once I installed it I simply opened my browser (try IE first - although it works in Firefox and Chrome on my computer too) and entered the IP address of my Floureon. A web page is delivered from the unit asking for my user name and password, and once I enter these I get a web page showing all four cameras. The content of the page is similar to the player on the unit and displays the cameras as well as links to alter the setup of the Unit and also record on your computer etc. Make sure you have setup your unit with a fixed IP address as DHCP allocated addresses can be a problem. In your unit you can also enable 'Cloud'. What this does is sends your camera displays over the internet along with your unit ID. If you then install the programme 'TSCloudClientV2_EN_SetUp.exe' this sets up a plugin for your browser so you can view your cameras over the internet in the same way as you can on your local network.
  6. I have uploaded the complete set of manuals in a zip file and sent you a pm with the link. I also had trouble viewing in a web browser - but not because of quicktime - it was because of a problem with the activex control which it appears is used in the unit firmware. What I did: I set the ip address of the NVR to a fixed address on the same network as the router. I then installed the programme contained in the CCTVweb.zip file (link also in my PM) and used the ip address that I gave the camera to view the NVR. There are 2 programmes in the zip file - one is for viewing locally off the unit, the other to view from the 'cloud' if you have it set in the unit settings.
  7. I have this one - which looks similar but is the 4 ch version. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191503615350?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I have a pdf manual and I can upload it for you to download if you like.