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  1. Hi unbelievably there seems to more Hikvision products to choose from! The pace of change with Hikvision is relentless. I am looking at purchasing a DS-7608NI-E2/8P but I am then advised that this product has been replaced with a newer model the HiWatch IP NVR -208M-A/8p. Are these basically the same model? Any advise on this please?
  2. Hi I am looking at purchasing Hikvision Tvi equipment. Is Tvi classed as digital cctv? These are the two products I am interested in: http://www.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_179_i5828.html http://www.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_364_i5791.html Anyone have experience of these? I'd love to hear any opinions before I click the purchase button. Thank you
  3. RBW

    Best 2Mp Camera

    I'll base the recorder around the camera. Not the other way around.
  4. RBW

    Best 2Mp Camera

    What is the best value 1080p camera for around £70? Any Ip or AHD camera will do. I can get a TVi DS-2CE56D7T-ITM for around £50. Anyone suggest a better camera? Good night vision is the priority.
  5. If your camera is connected to the back of your nvr and not a network point i.e plug and play then yes the ip address is correct.
  6. I'm not sure mate. At least you know both cameras are ok. I suspect your five way psu is not the best.
  7. I think you only get ground loop problems when two cameras are connected to two different earthing systems so therefore in your own house that is impossible. A large site may have more than one earth and this can create earth loop problems. Do you have another psu? Swap the "faulty" camera to the good psu output?
  8. You can do this through the Nvr settings. Webrowser Configuration->Storage->Shedule Settings Nvr Menu->Record
  9. How are the cameras powered? Looks like a psu issue to me. It might be a pain but could you take down the faulty camera and locate it next to the Dvr using new cable to eliminate possible cable/connection issues.
  10. What device are you using to view the image? If it is the app is it set to main stream(clear) or substream(fluent)?
  11. Try this: https://www.cctvhd.com.au/hik-connect-setup-guide/
  12. http://www.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_364_i5791.html Does the above Dvr allow for 10 inputs or 8? As I see it it allows 8 TVi and 2 ip. Is this correct? Thank you
  13. RBW

    New Hikvision Install

    I have been asked to install a cctv system for a friend and as i have installed Hikvision before i have decided to use their equipment again. However the choice of equipment and the different technologies is mind boggling. I have now decided on two kits. One is IP(4Mp) the other Tvi(2Mp). At first i thought IP was the only way to go but is Tvi 3.0 more suited to a four bedroom house? I would really appreciate and advice on the pros and cons of the two. IP Kit 4Mp - System Hikvision DS-7608NI-E2/8P/A - £188 Hikvision DS-2CD2T42WD-I5 - £125 x 6 Western Digital Purple 4TB - £145 Total - £1083 Tvi Kit 2Mp - System Hikvision DS-7208HUHI-F2/N - £215 Hikvision DS-2CE16D7T-IT3Z/G -£78 x 6 Western Digital Purple 4TB - £145 Total - £828