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  1. If you don't have any particular need for wireless, use a wired connection. The speed of your internet connection does not effect the performance of your camera's on the local network. The 2032 is widely recommended, possibly one of the most popular cameras out there, and excellent value for money. That is the newer version with SD card and wifi. You can still buy the 2032-I a little more cehaply. The linked NVR will record in 1080P only and wont use the full 3mp of the 2032. It has a max incoming bandwidth of 50Mbps which is enough for 8 streams of 1080P at decent quality. The linked NVR has a maximum POE power rating of only 40W. The camera you want to use pulls down 5W normally and 7W whilst the IR cut out is switching. Running 8 cameras could cause power issues. I wouldn't run more than six cameras but I like a good margin of safety. You may get away with 7 if no more than two try to switch at once. So thank you for your msg I'm glad to see your msg, Firstly, I will never use 8 ch, max 4ch but for now; 2 ch I will use. In my idea, these SD card things not original and I want to buy original one. And I think it isn't usefull than with NVR system. If I'm wrong pls let me know And finally, I want to get video as same as my camera, Which NVR device do you suggest in AliEx? For example, how is this one; http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/HIKVISION-Original-English-P2P-4ch-POE-NVR-DS-7604NI-E1-4P-VGA-HDMI-Output-Record-HD/915554_32461687431.html Edit: The last is; if i save as 3mb 2 camera, which sizes of HDD should I use or it would a dream , 2 camera should fill a 2TB HDD for a week. U think should I buy a 1.3 mb 1080p camera and this NVR? Thank You again
  2. Hi, I'm from Turkey, I will buy a cctv system for my apartment but i have questions. For final of my searching, i decided to buy IP Camera and I found this one; http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-overseas-version-HIKvision-3MP-IR-Outdoor-IP66-DS-2CD2032F-I-4mm-Mini-Bullet-IP-Camera/915554_32461223539.html And it have a wifi version, my connection is about 8 mbit, should i buy wifi one? And the other question is; will this NVR fit for this camera, i don't want quality loss, this should record as same as camera quality? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-multi-language-Hikvision-NVR-HD-Network-Video-Recorder-ONVIF-DS-7108N-SN-P-8CH-HD1080P/915554_32426066452.html Thanks You!