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  1. cctv96

    HD-TVI low resolution images

    Sorry its DG104A, only has one BNC output http://www.surveillance-download.com/user/datasheets/analog_cam/DG/DG104A_spec.pdf
  2. Hello folks, I hope someone can help me with an issue im having with a camera set up please. Ive replaced an old analogue system with an Avtech AVT204 HD-TVI dvr and 2 Avtech DG1004 cameras (I think) iv used avtech products before as I like their eagleeyes app, I thought I would get the cameras from the same makers just to ensure everything worked smoothly... The original 2 cameras which are something like 600TVL basic cameras work brilliantly the 2 new ones that are supposed to be HD are im not sure how to describe it, they look low resolution or blurry. Their both placed indoors with a 3.6mm lens which is im sure what the previous cameras had but like I said they either are blurry or low res or out of focus (fixed lens) I was wondering if anyone can help me with this issue and if ive done anything wrong please Things ive tried:- 1, Checked every setting for resolution etc on DVR and camera itself, recording is set to 1080p but even the recording doesnt look good 2, Tried cleaning lenses making sure there isnt a lens cover over the camera 3, Tried a test in the same room with the camera into a good quality short RG59 cable with power plugged next to the camera, new crimped BNC connectors etc 4, Tried premade cable and self made 5, Tried new power supply and tested voltage next to the camera Thank you for your time