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  1. Hi, I' trying to enter to the main menu of the DVR DT-SL3108HV but I forgot the password. I tried different options like the 000000, 888888, 12888, 123456 and 1234 but I cant. I always lock the admin account. Is there anyway I can do a system restore or reflash the system?
  2. Hi, I configured my DVR DT-SL3108HV in order to connect thru the internet but when I receive the window in the browser I enter the user and password but when I press login...I receive an error and after a few seconds the DVR turns off.
  3. Done!! I just left the password blank!! thanks!!
  4. well I was wrong... it gave me a message that the password was reset to the default... but which one is the default?
  5. These are the pics of the screen and the board... I'm not sure how to connect to it thru the network.