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    I currently have an Avtech DVR and Nite Devil dome cameras at 720 which I can monitor using the IOS eagle eyes app but for this to work I have to purchase a DynDns. I am looking to upgrade my CCTV system to 1080 and instead of keeping my DynDns get a system with its own app. I would also want one maybe two of the cameras to be PTZ. I have been recommended Hikvision by a fellow electrician but wanted to ask here before purchasing. The two Hikvision DVR's I have been looking at are the DS-7208HUHI-K1 and the DS-7208HUHI-K2/P. I have been looking at the Hikvision PTZ camera also but as there are probably a lot of experts on here wondered what you all recommended.
  3. Hi All I have owned an AVTECH AVC761 for the last eight years and recently the HDD has given up so I was looking for a replacement. I was recommended to Max at MAP security who has been helpful and sold me a KPD677DEZ. It seems ok bar a quality issue where some of the buttons are not operational due to not fitted to the front panel correctly but the machine works. As this unit is located in my loft the old AVC unit has a IR socket but the new 677 hasn't but Max has directed me to a IR extender. Anyway I have read somewhere that the AVC models are superior and better quality to the KPD so I was going to exchange for a AVC796PV but unfortunately I have been told this is an obsolete machine now and the only available replacement is the AVC708. Max tells me this unit does not have the IR socket also but the spec sheet shows it. Has anyone got the AVC708? Has it got the IR socket? Is it worth the extra money? Or would people swap AVTECH for Samsung? Apologies for all the questions but I was recommended here for the vast knowledge available. Regards Paul
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    AVTECH Help

    First of all hi to all the knowledgeable folk on here and I hope somebody can help me. I have owned a Avtech AVC761Z since October 2007 but recently developed a HDD fault and I could not see my cameras over the internet. I did a quick search and was recommended to Max at MAP security who has just sold me a new Avtech KPD677DEZ so I thought it would be simple to enter my existing settings and be back up and running but no. The software has obviously been updated and there are different options and no matter what I do it does not work out of my network. I can login to my cameras when connected to my wifi but if I try to do it with my 4G it does not work. I have a paid subscribed dyndns account and I have set my router service, firewall inbound rule and told the router to use a dyndns but still nothing. Please can someone help as I have been sat in my loft with this DVR and laptop for hours. Thanks Paul