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  1. Good morning all. Just had a customer contact me saying that the password on their DVR has somehow changed (which means someone has been fiddling). I have tried the usual 0000 0000000 1234 123456 etc etc and found a master password of 12888 from another post on here but thats not made any difference. As its a bloody long drive from here to there, would anyone know of the master password for this device? Thanks. Cornz. *It seems the device is also sold under the Karbontech brand as a D-RAS-813-J06
  2. cornz

    Please HELP! In over my head

    Personally i would use a colour bar generator at the camera end and test it at the DVR end. Long process but will positively indicate the signal strength and integrity....
  3. cornz

    Abrupt, instant massive interference

    Could it be moisture related????? A cable/connector being affected then when it dries out (or even becomes damp) the fault is clearing?
  4. Hi and thanks to all the responses. I've been doing my homework and have managed to speak to a technician working at a company here in the UK. He (understandingly) wont give me the circuit diagrams but has confirmed my initial suspicsions that the most common fault (no Pan or Tilt) is in almost all cases a failure of the driver transistors which are a readily available part. So, no "technical" manual exists but i have more info on them that i did this time last week. Thanks to you all for the clues...
  5. I am sorry to say but the link is dead. However, can i say thank you for your efforts.. I will see if i can locate the file using the name of the PDF file.
  6. Hi to all. I've just started working in the CCTV dept of a local authority (after 8 years as a pest controller!) and have been given the task of trying to repair a load of these boards. They have various faults but the common one is either pan or tilt fail. Now, as i have an IT background i have a reasonable idea of what is going on but without service manuals its a ruddy nightmare.. So, i wondered if anyone had any experience with these boards or had a service manual they would be willing to share / sell / trade as i can find *nothing* on the interweb. Any input greatley welcome...