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  1. BillyCam

    Need help with my current CCTV situation

    1. up to date, the HD-TVI cameras have 2MP = 2000TVL. 2. The HD-TVI DVR interface is from HikVision. It is very easy to control after you spend few mins to learn. 3. The best of HD-TVI camera in nighttime technologies is called Matrix IR.
  2. No. 2 x IP cams will not relative in your internet speed. Internal, you can see all the channel ever though you don't have internet. External, meaning you wanna remote control your system outside. better internet speed 2M and UP.
  3. BillyCam

    i need to setup my 3g data sim to my dvr h.264

    you need to port forwarding for your router. after that use the phone app to remote control your system.