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  1. If you look at my original photos, you will see I have this same issue. Only way I believe we can fix this is using a HEX editor. This would require a whole new hardware design. This would be completely out of my reach. Also wanted to let everyone know that you can now view multiple cameras and still have POS overlay on LTS. However again, it doesn't allow a perfect solution. Also you can hook up multiple registers to view multiple POS using the same NVR.
  2. Basically the same thing as I showed on amazon, and i'm sure LTS will be charging more then Amazon But thanks
  3. My text does not overlay the video, fore-say, rather it is a file that is opened when I select to see the POS data on the video. Basically when the POS outputs the POS data, it sent out as ".xml" (i believe) and then stored on the NVR. I know how to use avigilon, however the issue I am having is that i do not know how to properly configure or connect to the Gilbarco system. Previously, you would split the wire from the customer output and connect that to your camera system. However, I know that you can now do it through the network. I am wondering what would be the configurations for this or where would i connect to get the proper data.
  4. I am having an Issue connecting a Gilbarco Passport to output POS so i can receive it on an IP/NVR system. I have previously had gotten a Wayne Nucleus to connect. Here is my previous post: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=48160 If you guys could help get me started, that would be great or point me to the right direction I'll try to keep updating this post as i learn more so it would help others
  5. Hey thanks for the information. I dont know exactly what back office is. From what i understand it is a software used on a computer to see reports and other register information? If that is the case, then these stations do not have Back office. The stations are going to update their registers soon as well. From what i hear, it will be much easier to setup the POS with NVR systems. I'll probably PM you in the future when they update their registers because i'm willing to learn a lot more about this. thanks again
  6. The NVR I am using allows you to search by transaction. I haven't played with it much, but it seems it has to be perfect word for word, spaces and all, or it gives you a lot of different transactions. Since this is a gas station, if you find the receipt in the register history, it has the transaction number. Inputting that number will take you right to the transaction.
  7. Either method works for the first method using three different NVR would be great because no framerate loss, unless you have an unlimited budget and willing to spending more. it is almost cheaper to buy 3 seprate NVRs the second method would work, just run basically only one cat5e/6 wire and make sure to POE 1000/gigabit switches. As mentioned by GH75, you could link all the NVR to view in one central spot, this is the benefits of IP
  8. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply but, i have figured out a solution, sorry i'll kinda walk you through it and the parts i have used. Registers I am using: Works pretty well with Wayne Nucleus, text isn't great, but that is due to Nucleus output have some issues with Gilbarco, not working at the moment. RS232 to IP Server: Either one of these worked, I bought them from Amazon, I recommend going with the cheaper one since they do the same thing http://www.startech.com/Networking-IO/Serial-over-IP/1-port-RS232-serial-over-ip-adapter~NETRS2321P http://www.startech.com/Networking-IO/Serial-over-IP/rs232-serial-device-server~NETRS232 NVR - I have bought a NVR from LTS: LTN8832-P16 It is a 32 channel NVR. Basically it is Hikivision OEM resold off as another company name on it. set the RS232-to-IP IP address, and port, which then i adjusted the Router to port forward the used port (IP: Port: 8201) Adjusted settings for RS232-to-IP, check out following added picture Adjusted NVR POS to "TCP Receive" to same port as RS232-to-IP (Port: 8201) As you can see it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are a couple problems with this method, which isn't really the RS232-to-IP issue, rather issue with registers and NVR First issue, if you notice from my picture of the POS, you will see it shows a lot of useless information, this is because the register is sending all this data, which i dont need. I dont know about HEX editing and all to remove that useless data Second issue is with the NVR. I'm not sure if it is only with this NVR or others, but you can only view one camera when you want to see the POS. It doesn't engrave the POS into the video, rather saves it as separate file. this will cause issues if you are trying to playback a video and want to watch multiple cameras, because the NVR didn't allow this, only allowed me to watch that one camera with POS.
  9. Most likely it's your firewall or you will have to port forward your port.
  10. Guys guys guys, the only way to settle this now is to find LTS NVRs and then add Hikvision firmware on them. Let the games begin
  11. Hey thanks, But i don't have an issue retrieving data from the POS, its just sending the data over to the NVR. Wayne nucleus actually has an option to see each key stroke from the employees rather then just a regular receipt. This is more helpful for the owners to see if certain transactions are voided or if the employees are charging the wrong amounts.
  12. Hey thanks guys, Yeah i figured i'll just order the Hikvision NVRs, didn't want to void warranty and all that mess not worth losing my money to test out something for someone else. But i do have an older LTS NVR i might try as a last option. TheUberOverLord - Definitely will take note of. But Hikvision has already configured their NVRs with firmware offering more POS options for a while now. LTS has not been able to upgrade their own yet; so, who knows when LTS will consider adding this into their new firmware.
  13. Here some addition information is anyone is interested as well. The POS/registers have an output using RS232. i had then purchased an I/O server from RS232 to IP. Server: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LJEQLR2?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 This allowed me to use my laptop and hyperterminal to see the transactions on the register using the local internet connection. I was also able to see the transactions from my home. I believe Hikvision allows 'TCP listen' on their NVRs. Basically you can input the IP servers address and port, allowing the NVR to connect to the POS. I have not tried this out as of now, i have put an order in for the Hikvision NVR. I will follow up as soon a I find out.
  14. I have seen that also, but I wanted more information on how well it actually works, vs company just showing you But thanks
  15. Can you explain how you got Hikivison firmware installed on LTS camera? LTS NVR are not configured properly to run POS. I had called LTS on this issue and they came out and said they have no idea on how to make it work properly and their firmware isn't for it.