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  1. Model NVR 7608 ni se Steps: - I am on a static Ip and nvr is on LAN static ip - turned on UpNp so port forwarding is auto configured as it was before the firmware upgrade - admin user usually had remote access , now I receive "no permission" both ivms 4500 and hik-connect. - added a second user and gave permission for everything, still getting the same error. Also added the MAC address of my iphone and still getting the same error. - i can sign in on nvr and monitor with the same "admin " and password. Any ideas what is causing this , as I do not want ro roll back the firmware upgrade.
  2. steviej1974

    Firmware upgrade help

    Hi , I want to upgrade the firmware on my NVR to be able to use VCA for triggering email alerts. Model: DS-7608NI-SE/P 4 channel Firmware version: V2.2.5 Build 150421 Encoding version : V1.0 Build 131223 I can't locate it anyware on the web. It was bought in Australia via an installer but who knows these days if it is a "grey" or authentic product. Can anyone help please, as it seems to me that there are more disasters with firmware upgrades than Succesful ones. Thanks
  3. Hi, I can view my Hikvision cameras from outside my network on my Iphone/Ipad, but I can't view them once I am connected to my own wifi network. So the Port Forwading is done correctly. I can log in with my laptop through the browser via the Hikvision Wizerd while connected to the wifi but then that means that I will still be streaming it via the internet ?? which will cost me in download data. Is there a way I could use an Ipad to connect to the Hikvision Recorder so to not have data taken off my Internet account. Thanks
  4. steviej1974

    View CCTV over your internel WiFi Network

    Thanks, that is such a clear and simple answer. It all makes sense now. Much appreciated.