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  1. I have a 2MP IP Camera which I am currently controlling with my laptop using Blue Iris software and wanted to add a Keyboard Controller - I purchased a Dahua NKB 1000 keyboard controller which has RJ45 connection assuming that I can just plug this into the network and I will be able to control the camera, however the manual suggests that an RS485 connection is also required (The camera has only an RJ45 connection). Is there any way to get this to work or will it only work through an NVR? Many thanks
  2. I have purchased a Dahua 2MP IP PTZ for recording church services and want to connect the output from our microphone mixer to the camera's audio in cable - The audio in consists of a 2 bare end cables (an 'Audio in' and a 'Ground'). Can I take a cable from the line out of the mixer and connect directly to the ground and audio-in of the IP camera? Thanks
  3. Thanks- that sounds like an option. I was also wondering if it is possible to control the camera with the PC Keyboard (using keyboard shortcuts) while in full screen mode? Is there software which will do this?
  4. This is my first post here and I hope someone can help / advise! I am in the process of installing a 1080p PTZ in our local church for recoding the service and occasionally showing live images via digital projector. Control and recoding is to be Via PC. What I want to know is is there a way of outputting a fullscreen camera view to the digital projector while still being able to control the camera with the mouse (ie I dont want to duplicate the screen view where I would be projecting the camera controls etc with the image). Is there IP Camera software which can do this, or do I need to add a keyboard controller to the mix to allow me to control while in a fullscreen view?