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  1. I've had two Lorex LNV104 camera connected to a local network in NH and viewed them remotely using the Lorex Lview program. Late this summer Lview would no longer connect to the remote cameras, although if I ran the program on the local network everything was fine. Lorex support has been useless, they don't respond to Tickets in their ticket system nor have anything meaningful to say when I call them. Frustrating. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else is successfully using the Lview program to view remote LNC104 cameras because there is definitely a problem with my system. I'd also be interested if anyone here has investigated how these systems really work. Ie how it gets past my local router to the camera to deliver the video feed to the remote system. It appears to use UPnP, Universal Plug and Play, to setup the connection. I can see the cameras broadcasting ssdp:alive messages to I wrote a program to send the ssdp:discover 'M-Search' message I see the Lview program send when it tries to connect to this address as described in the protocol documentation. If I run this program on the local system and send the request I get the appropriate reply directly from my local cameras. However if I run this on a remote system I get no reply. I assume something is broken in the UPnP server for these requests. Is it just me, or is it affecting everyone who purchased one of these and is trying to do remote viewing?