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  1. Hi, can someone help me suggesting the best software and mobile apps that can be use to view RapidOS CCTV DVR (4 Channels). I have tried searching for the suitable software and mobile apps for this type of dvr however I can't find it. Please help me. Thank you.
  2. I have AVTECH H.264 16 channels with audio. I am currently viewing LAN through avtech software - video viewer. The view and audio works perfectly fine. I also want to install and view the software at another two different laptops. So I have installed and I can view live and playback on the new installed laptops. But my problem is that the audio doesn't work. I can only listen to the audio only on one laptop but not on the other two that I have installed. The audio button seems to be disable. What could be the problem? Can I only listen to audio at one laptop per time? Or is it firmware problem? Please help me. Thanks in advance.