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  1. Good afternoon. The situation is this: set the recorder is connected to a 3g router , the router is connected to the 3g modem . Port forwarding on the router 80 and 37777. The router distributes the Internet , in LAN video is viewed . In the settings activated recorder ddns - quickddns, registered. The site found my receptionist , registrar with ddns test positive . Download free gDMSS Lite, ordered all the settings there is not a video . I started to check what was going on at the test ports of a router in the network says that the port 80 is closed. I tried to connect the router via PPPoe, everything works fine , test port - Port 80 is open. try through 3g is not. Tried 2 mobile operator , changed 3 modem.The same trouble . anyone faced with similar , in what could be a problem. On the dvr settings quickddns registered port 12366 , he registered tough, does not appear anywhere else .