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  1. Any update on this? How do these devices print a receipt? I thought data could be captured as it was going to a printer
  2. GH75

    Dahua CVI issue

    Just installed 3 1080P CVI varifocal domes. All 3 have the line issue shown in the video. This particular camera has the whiteout that looks like IR glare. The focus is the gazebo, so I could probably zoom in some, not sure if that will fix it. Any suggestions? Td53I1DqukY
  3. We do alot of apartments and we use PVC. We try to run it next to a gutter down spout or architectural build out where we can put the conduit in a corner. Point being we try to blend it in when possible. If doing a house, I would look for alternatives because a bunch of PVC will not look that good. I would just mount the cameras on the eaves or use outdoor cable and run it down a gutter etc.
  4. I found this while googling. Is there any update on this? I specifically need to split a CVI signal to two DVR's. Why? Large property that is a hotel and residence. The surveillance systems are managed separately on different networks but there are a couple cameras in common areas that both sites want access to. Splitting the CVI signal would be the easiest solution. Any thoughts?
  5. All my experience is in commercial, and now I have a house to deal with. 3 story house on grade NVR in basement 4 exterior cameras. I plan on running all cables in attic, put a switch and AP in attic. Due to vaulted ceiling, we only have to go through the ceiling, and one wall to stairwell with NVR 1 hidden cam in basement 2 hidden cams on main level I plan on using a Dahua NVR, and need something that is hidden like a fake smoke detector, motion sensor etc for the 3 hidden cams. It would be great if the device was wireless. They have a special needs child who has been abused by sitters and they want to keep an eye on the sitter. Just finished basement out in drywall (no drop ceiling) and painted whole house. No drywall cutting.... I included 2 locations where I need cameras. The 3rd I don't seem to have a picture of but its just a corner, no cabinet. Just an outlet
  6. It was my understanding: Mainstream was the higher quality feed that was recorded and was what was viewed on the monitor or Smart PSS when going FULL screen on a single camera Substream/second stream is what is shown on the monitor/SPSS when viewing MULTIPLE cameras. Am I correct so far? My situation is I have 4 properties each with 1-2 tri-brid each with mostly analog and CVI camera and maybe a total of 70 cameras max. We are going to set up a workstation to view these cameras remotely, via the internet. The DVR's are still onsite recording, we are just viewing remotely 24/7, not recording. One big work station, 4 monitors. We already set this up at another site with more cameras, and it seems to be working fine. But lately one DVR keeps going offline every 20 minutes and wont come back online unless we reboot the PC. It is always that one DVR that goes offline. My question is, if I lower the FPS and resolution on the SUB stream, is that enough to lower the bandwidth requirements? Or do I need to lower the Main stream as well? I had tech support tell me I had to lower the main stream as well but I do not see why. Would something like this help monitor how much data we are pulling at any given moment? https://www.softperfect.com/products/networx/
  7. Run 2-3 Cat6 anywhere you think you may need cameras, and you are good. 16-2 would be helpful if you got any large PTZ cameras that are not POE. Forget the coax Cat6 can run analog which is a for a new install, HD, or IP. As far as bandwidth, like stated earlier, home run everything back to the NVR, and POE switch, that way the camera network is on its network. The only load on the home network is what is streamed remotely when not home. 3 DVR's in a home? Are these 16 channel units?
  8. The DVR is an appliance level DVR, basically a standalone DVR. In this situation, we have 6 to 8 DVR's across several properties. In a central office, there is a beefed up PC running a viewing software, and it pulls video from each DVR across the internet. At this point, I just want to know when using Smart PSS, if it pulls the sub stream or main stream when viewing multiple cameras? What is the purpose and use of Main stream and sub stream. I can not believe with all these Dahua posts, nobody can answer
  9. anyone? Can we discuss the difference between Main strean and sub/second stream?
  10. We install mostly IP but sometimes do CVI on retrofits when we can not easily run new cable and have to reterminate some lines. Currently we use these compression style fittings that we put a boot on the wire first, strip the cable, put the BNC connector on, then use a tool to compress the the boot over the BNC Connector. I can't remember the name and a quick google doesn't pull them up. The problem is they do not seem to make the connector in an RG6 and RG59 style, and on the RG59 cable, the connectors easily pull off. Plus the connectors come from one particular vendor and I want to make things a little simpler. What does everyone else find to be the most secure, then easiest style of BNC? I was thinking crimp, I have a tech pushing for twist on. Thoughts? Thanks
  11. This may be late but 95% of what we install is Dahua. And we have no issues. We stage all of our equipment in advance so once it is installed, it is ready, and we do not have multiple cameras with the same IP address. We use a PC or laptop with POE switch (we actually now have these USB devices that plug into the laptop and provide POE so they can plug the cam right into a laptop) We then change the IP address to a predetermined address, make a couple changes to motion, lighting etc and done. The cameras all run back to a POE switch NVR connects to switch Switch connected to our router. Router gets a static IP address from clients network, usually a Comcast modem. We open ports on the modem. We also use a DYN service to connect our NVR's online but we manage hundreds of DVR/NVR
  12. It seems like a lot of people are missing the point here. It is a real simple concept. Person gets caught stealing. Their picture is taken and uploaded. If they ever enter any company owned stores, security is alerted. You can not compare this to sending a picture around. Maybe the security team should carry a flip book of polaroids.... I would suggest finding a local integrator, who can give you real world expectations, and you can hold accountable. This type of project is not something I would DIY
  13. 99% of our installs are Dahua. We are looking to expand out of that and get into the higher end market. We have a client with 100 + cameras IP, CVI, and analog with nvrs and DVDs throughout the building. It's 50 + stories so we have nvrs/ DVRs throughout connected via fiber. All DVR nvrs and ip cams are dahua They would like to add facial recognition. The good thing is they know it's new to us so are willing to work with us. The goal is to to build a database of people who have been asked to leave, then get notifications when they re enter the bldg. Will the dahua ip cameras work? We expect to install some new ones so we have a head on shot as people enter. Is there a way to have a system monitor these while still recording on an nvr? Or do these cameras need to be on their own system? Any pointers or vendors to start talking to would be great
  14. I can't believe I am asking this but this camera has to be analog. HD is not an option. I need a dome or turret style camera that we can disable the IR. We already have some but nobody knows where they came from, and we now need more. The ability to disable IR is a must.
  15. I agree in upgrading the cameras. There is no reason anyone should be installing 720P cameras on a new install. Most of the cost is in the labor, puling wire, penetrating the building, waterproofing, conduit if needed, etc. The cameras will be a small portion of the overall expense. At least run Cat5 instead of coax so you can upgrade later.
  16. GH75

    Wireless and Ubuquiti

    Thanks I see streakwave as a distributor. We work with the them so I will call them.
  17. GH75

    Wireless and Ubuquiti

    We install these, usually the Loco M5, and some NanoBeam AC. The bulk of our service calls come from these radios. We have some sites where these things work great, then others where links go down, have to be power cycled, or reprogrammed. We have enabled the ping watchdog on most of these but the problems still seem to pop up. Anybody else using these and experience the same issues? Any other alternatives?
  18. GH75

    WD Purple 8TB - Dahua NVR

    I think Seagate has a surveillance specific drive and I saw a youtube video where they did a side by side by side comparison and the Seagate won. However we only install WD purples, and we have installed 2 or 3 of the 4K NVR's with purple drives. Not sure of the size. Max we have gone is 6TB
  19. No budget discussed yet. I can not discuss budget until we have some solutions in mind. I know the client is going to ask me how much and what are the expectations, then seek approval. But he is highly interested. Yes they have a full time security staff and they have a video wall where all the cameras are monitored. Currently they have a wall of photos of individuals that have been asked to leave, and have trespass warrants issued against them, meaning if they come back, they go to jail. The security officers watch the cameras and if they see one of these individuals, they call another officer on the floor to respond. The business is a large one, located in the heart of downtown, open 24/7 and they get a lot of nuisance individuals, mostly homeless Ill check out the links. What solution have you found to work the best so far? I looked at http://iomniscient.com/ and they have a starter pack. They also have some form of mobile app. That would be pretty handy if all the security staff could get instant notification if a labeled individual entered the bldg. Thanks
  20. I agree. I would hard wire all the cameras back to a switch and connect the buildings with some ubuiqitis.
  21. GH75

    Installation tech salary?

    I am trying to create a formal structure for my installation technicians salaries. I have tried a little google and searching here, as well as one industry trade magazine, with no luck. I am trying to find what are the salary range based on skill set. I see mention of a dealer forum but do not see it. How do I get access? Thanks
  22. We use Dahua and smart pss almost exclusively. We are considering installing multiple Ptz for a community that will have guards live viewing. But the guards will be several blocks over and wireless is not an option due to line of sight, bandwidth etc. So they will be controlling the Ptz over the Internet. Seems like the Ptz are slow and twitchy over the net, not like on sight where they respond quickly. Could this be due to us using the pss software versus a dedicated Ptz controller?
  23. GH75

    Dahua IP Camera Banned

    Where does this message appear? On the nvr? Browser? We install a lot of these and never seen this. Most of the dahuas I have seen have some form of reset button. Have you tried pulling the camera off the network and connecting to it directly? There is a scan tool that will scan the network and find all Dahua cameras regardless of address.
  24. Our company is a dedicated Surveillance Camera Integrator. We have 2 install crews, about to go the 3rd one, and a full time tech. We use QuickBooks and I need a solution for CRM/Service/Project Management I need to : track projects (lien releases, contracts, etc) schedule projects customer contact info schedule service track service contracts integrate with QuickBooks Right now we use Method and Field Service Manager but they both have their shortcomings. Method wont notify my techs of service calls, and wont capture signatures from iPad. Is there any software designed for this industry?
  25. GH75

    IP Camera has external mic port, so...?

    Yes usually the video will have sound. Make sure the nvr accepts sound and on how many channels