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  1. hello every one.i have a dahua XVR5116hs-S2 which is no boot on screen,i need to flashing the eeprom with the correct dump file. there is one can help ????
  2. babich25

    H.264 DVR FLASH

    Hi i have a a DVR h.264 new ,when i branch the cable HDMI and the power dc(12v) in the TV he display just a Bands of colors , no camera , no video , no menu , just band of colors i think a bout do a flash but how the reference of the motherboard is HS-3520D-4-8 v1.1 and thanks in advance
  3. Hi i have a DVR . when i lose the password of admin account so , i know about the procedure of the (telnet) function when i can access to the admin and delete it but i don't have the ip of this DVR .when i branch the cable RJ45 (the same switch of my pc) and the Led is Clinton normal i use the ip scanner but i don't see the DVR address in the scan i think to do a flash with RS232 but i don't know how so any idea can i do ??? the reference of the motherboard is T8-3520D V2.02 and the µcontroller is XM610 CP0471335 And thank in advance