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  1. jakub.j

    4CIF image quality

    The actual description for the cable is: YWDXpek 75 1.0 / 4.8 Resistance of inner conductor: 23.7 Ohm / km The outer conductor resistance: 17.5 Ohm / km Capacitance: 57 nF / km, Impedance: 75 ± 3 Ohm, The inner conductor: copper single wire Insulation: foamed PE Outer conductor: braid of tinned copper wires and tape AL / PET / AL Braid coverage factor: 40%
  2. I have problem with image quality. Camera is D-Max DCC-521FH TDN 1/3'' Sony Super HAD CCD. Recorder is Samsung SRD 1670DC. With short 1m cable connecting camera and monitor image looks good. When connected through instrastructure of 100m RG6 there is color cast, unexpected dots. Should I assume low quality cable or camera?