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  1. Does anybody know the telnet login root password for these devices? (It is not root:xmhdipc) This is how the store labeled it: HAREX HRX-IA6042P This is how it identifies itself with the NVSIP branded CMS (aka CMS2): H6C-P-20 The standard XM CMS tells me it's a re-branded XM device with firmware version: V4.02.R11.00001520.10010.0305 (2015-05-19) The firmware version according to the re-branded CMS2 is: V2.2.4250 - 20151110 I would like to take a look at kmsg and the ifconfing output because I have a strange problem I can't easily troubleshoot. I am trying to record the main streams with FFmpeg (using RTSP) the same way I do with my other XM based (not so customized) cameras but I experience a severe case of UDP package drops with these cameras (yes, it's expected to loose a few UDP packets here and there, but it's catastrophic in this case, the output on the disk is completely useless, barely recognizable as a H264 video) and what's really troubling is that all the four of these keep rebooting/resetting somewhere between 2 and 40 minutes when I force a TCP connection. So, something is clearly wrong and I think I could gather some useful info if I had root access. kmsg might would tell me the reason of the constant reboots. These reboots seem to be closely tied to RTSP/TCP streaming. I don't see any reboots happening when I watch the real-time feeds with the supplied CMS2 software. So it seems to be a bug in the RTPS implementation when I connect with a vanilla FFmpeg or VLC client. I wonder if I could simply "de-brand" these devices by installing the firmware files found on XM's servers (they offer a download for the 1520 product identifier which their CMS tells me it thinks these devices have, although I am not entirely sure what might happen if I install it...).
  2. Ah, forget it. When I dump the stream with ffmpeg into an mp4 file and I play that back on a PC with MPC-HC or similar the random drop/corruption is present with these new cameras as well. I seems it's just the CMS software which has some workarounds built in to hide these (or it uses a modified decoder which can properly decode the non-standard but otherwise error-free video?).
  3. I bought some of these cameras on AliExpress (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/4pcs-Array-LED-2MP-HD-Resolution-Bullet-IR-Outdoor-Network-IP-Camera-1080P-1-2-5/32231966093.html) about a year ago. I experienced some random and rare frame dropping / image corruption issues regardless of the image quality settings (I tried to set it to different constant bitrates and I-frame intervals but it didn't really matter). When I started recording the RTSP streams with ffmpeg in a Linux terminal (I used the supplied CMS software from the CD on Windows to configure and test them before I installed them on the remote site...) I saw notices about random errors in the stream. I asked the seller for firmware updates but I didn't receive a word. The cameras were cheap enough and worked fine overall, so I didn't return them. Now I think (s)he put me on "ignore" because I couldn't ask it again now (a year later). I recently ordered and received a different set of similar Chinase cameras (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sony-IMX222-1080P-2MP-4pcs-array-leds-POE-IP-Camera-ONVIF-Waterproof-Outdoor-IR-CUT-Night/2034772337.html) and they have much better software support (I think it's still the same "CMS thingy" but it's a newer and somewhat brand-customized version). Although I didn't have any issues with the default version, these could automatically download and install firmware updates from the predefined internet server! These units don't have the drop/corruption issues even though they seem to be based on similar hardware and software (in their "core"). So, I wonder if the old units could be upgraded with a new firmware in order to stop producing those errors. Could somebody please provide me with a link for an updated firmware if it exists? My current version is: V4.02.R11.00001532.10010.1302