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  1. Hi guys. I would like your opinion on the best switches for IP cams. Which are your favourites? Which ones keep on running with excellent performance and which ones have failed you or made you unhappy.
  2. Kinda funny.. The RTSP port is written wrong in the port mapping...
  3. Michelangelo

    Samsung SCV-3080 Dome, which wires are RS-485 ?

    From what I can see its only coaxitron.
  4. Michelangelo

    SymSafe Question

    Hi. First you should make sure that you have set a time for the replay, otherwise it wont work. Then make sure that you have set the DVR to record on time lapse. Good luck!
  5. Hi guys! Any opinions if this camera performs well at low light?
  6. Anyone with experience of the Planet PoE switches? Opinions? http://www.planet.com.tw/
  7. This is what I would do. I would set them to DHCP, then search for the cameras new IP through the software. Use xxx@dyndns.org and not the other options like dvrdns etc, that have caused me issues occasionally. If it still does not work go through your account settings on DynDNS. Also dont use internal PCs to test if it works, ask a friend that is on another network. Good luck!
  8. Have you set the IP to DHCP or a static IP? Which provider of DDNS are you using?
  9. Michelangelo

    Pelco to Cyberdome

    Call GE and order a KTD-313, that will do the trick for you.
  10. Michelangelo

    Genie CCTV Raptor-37

    Has anyone tested this camera? I am really curious about the performance and the price. http://www.geniecctv.com/product.php?type=P&id=6272
  11. Michelangelo

    Genie CCTV Raptor-37

    Another one? Doesn´t anyone know who makes them? http://shop.vtq.de/product_info.php?info=p2512_VTQ-MM501--36x-zoom-.html
  12. Michelangelo

    Best switches for IP cameras

    They look really nice! Has anyone tested them?
  13. Michelangelo

    4ch remote access dvr any suggestions

    Where will the cameras be fitted? I think you will pretty soon remove the email function due to massive amounts of emails.. To find a DVR that records on motion is easy. Any decent DVR will.
  14. Michelangelo

    Digia II .avi Export problems

    What firmware do you have in the Digia2 ? Try exporting as .dga instead, that should work excellent with the Digia player.
  15. Michelangelo

    GE Nav

    Are you installing the clients as stand alone or the Cassini/IIS option?
  16. Hey guys!! What I have loved about this forum is the friendly and helpful attitude towards eachother. What happened? Can we just quit this BS and get back on track? My opinion is that web based clients are great but not for 24/7 usage. A system can have both an installable client and a web based client since they complement eachother. Thats my opinion, different opinions are welcome..
  17. My personal favourite is Omnicast from Genetec. But it is also priced at the enterprise level. There are other good softwares that are cheaper.
  18. Not really, as soon as someone wants to watch the video on it it is vulnerable again. But if you remove the memory card and watch that its the original video. I think this is growing out of proportion, of course there is a security issue but this is nothing new. This is the core of network security.
  19. Yes you need physical access to the network but for the wireless solutions through WIFI this is most alarming.
  20. Michelangelo

    is my Panasonic PTZ camera faulty ?

    If its brand new it´s not normal. If it´s old and you got it from someone else they probably have a shadow tour programmed that was running when it was powered off.
  21. I am not saying that CMOS is crap, just saying that CCD is a better choice when its dark. The limitation with CCD is ofcourse resolution compared to CMOS as you already know. Can be alittle tricky with megapixel and bad lighting. The 3130 should be a good choice I guess in this case.
  22. Michelangelo

    Problem with camera "pulsing" light

    Is this always or only during broad daylight? Could be some different things. One of them can be tthat you should adjust the iris opening alittle so that it does not get to much light into it. I have seen some cams that have had this problem and this has fixed it for some and some not...
  23. My opinion is that cameras with CMOS sensors should not be used where its dark. I believe that your problem besides this is the shutter speed and exposure.
  24. Michelangelo

    Pelco-D PTZ support in Network DVR?

    On page 28 in the manual I found there is a menu called REMOTE. Thats where you make your settings and you can choose Pelco D for protocol it claims.
  25. This is a long shot, but try with the program WinFLV. It is a free 7 day trial.