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  1. JonathanG

    Advise appreciated! branching out

    Thank you sir!
  2. JonathanG

    Advise appreciated! branching out

    Thats great advise! Can I ask you how you went about finding new business during your start up? Is there any nationwide companies that you could recommend?
  3. JonathanG

    Advise appreciated! branching out

    Whats up guys? I have been in the CCTV industry for the last 4 years I started out in a monitoring center setting up Cameras remotely and dealing with alarms until about a year ago I moved to a CCTV vendor company and shortly after I starting doing installation work. I am trying to make some moves forward with starting my own business. I would stay longer with my boss but he is so disorganized he is chasing all his business away and work is slow because of it. My friend is a locksmith and we are making strides towards starting up together cctv/locksmith company. I am not licensed so I cant do work in Mass legally. Just new hampshire. Personally I think its a crock of ****. But hey. How did you get your buisness started? Did you ever have issues with someone paying you for your services? If so what kind of things can you do to avoid that? What is your hourly rate for installs compared to service what companies do you sub for? what kind of different venues can I find work here? Any advice that you guys have would be greatly appreciated. As you know best trial and error!!! THANKS!