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  1. Hey guys, I currently have a Zmodo analog system. Model number ZMD-DX-SIN8. It is an 8 channel DVR recorder. I currently have 6 cameras hooked up around the outside of my house. The cameras that are hooked up are 1/4 " Color CMOS Bullet Camera Model ZMD-CBH-BUS23NM. These are the cameras that came with the system. Daytime they are pretty decent but night time they aren't that great. I was looking to upgrade them but wasn't sure what would be a good analog camera with good IR night vision. I know upgrading to Digital would be best but at this is my current setup. we have had a few mishaps in our neighborhood so any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Thanks. Through the app it gives you an option for LD or HD. You can notice a bit of quality difference when viewing. Not much though. Just making sure I haven't installed it incorrectly or that there is a setting that I missed.
  3. I have purchased a Zmodo security system for my home. I like the ZMD-CBH-BUS23NM cameras but when I put them in HD mode I get colored lines through them. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?