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  1. Some of the NV5000 cards have 3 sockets to plug the ribbon cables from the Ext. boards into and some have 4. If your board has 4 sockets you want to plug into the 2nd one, not the first. As for the networking thing, have you clicked on the 'Network' button (it usually turns purple if it's clicked) to enable networking? If so are the proper ports forwarded through the router? Is there any software on the DVR computer that might be blocking the program from broadcasting? Good luck, and let us know how things go. Drew Skyline Solutions
  2. Skysol

    nv3000 cards have green rectangle over all 16 cameras!!!

    I recall something like this happening to me a while back. I believe the problem was with the resolution settings. If you select different monitor layouts (1 screen, 4 screens, 9 etc...) does the problem change or go away? Also what version of the software do you have installed? You may need to get the latest version/drivers.