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  1. Thanks, this helps - much appreciated! I guess i'll just wait until the new firmware for the cameras comes out and then see what happens. I had the same response in regards to the swanview player - I can't get it to run either (well, I can open the program but it crashes when loading a video). Failing that, it was Swann taking control of my computer to see what the problem is. I'm pretty decent with this sort of stuff so I declined the assistance from Swann and wasn't that convinced considering all I got was automated styles responses via email The framerate issue you described makes perfect sense, I guess because the system is new to the market there are a couple of "teething" problems at the minute - After much fiddling around I did have half a mind to just return it but it looks like there is still hope!! Thanks again
  2. Hi all, Having an issue with the night recording on my Swann NVR-7300. Playback using the software is perfectly fine and plays audio and video in sync at normal speed. However, when backing up/downloading either on the software on the PC or straight from the box via USB the recording plays at almost double the speed. It happens on all cameras (I have three in total). A recording downloaded from during the day plays back perfectly. A recording downloaded from during the night plays back at almost double the speed and the audio is about 20 seconds behind. I have turned off the 3D noise reduction setting so will check again tonight however don't think it will make a difference. Any ideas anyone? Many thanks in advance!!