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  1. Hello! I am trying to find the right combination of products that will allow me to put a modular camera through a concrete wall to the outdoors (about 8 inches in depth). It is important that when viewing the camera from the outside it is as discreet as possible..inside not so much. I am currently looking at the axis AXIS F Series (AXIS F1005-E) . If anyone has experience with this or suggestions that would be great!
  2. Hello! After a couple years of sitting, I finally decided to try and set up the home security camera. Everything is working expect the control for PTZ cameras (video and power are working). The installer used cat5e for the control wires. I assumed he used some of the cat 5 wires at the camera end. I do not know which wires he used. (blue/blueW Orange/OrangeW Brown/BrowW Green/GreenW) How should I go about determining which wires he used? I can just unhook the camera from the mount and look..however it is very high and would need a big ladder. Is there a set standard? Thanks for your help.