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  1. Thanks guys. Looks like I will have to do some more research.
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the comments. I take all comments/suggestions into heart knowing you are trying to help. I am sorry that this post has resulted in some heat exchange. With the above said, I goal is to implement the solution with the least amount of efforts given the stated requirements. I am not good in doing stuff around the house but am a experience IT engineer with no issue in working with software/hardware aspect of things. However, if pulling wire is what it takes to implement this, i will definitely consider it... if it is cost effective. BTW. If I place an indoor webcam 45 degree aiming outside, would the IR reflection be an issue at night?
  3. Hi All, First time here and newbie to webcams. I am looking into setting home surveillance (surroundings) for my home. Here are my requirements: - Indoor camera that I can be placed on my windows and pointing outside. - 1080P resolution - SD card - Wireless - Power thru POE converter to the wall jack. - Night vision - Access the webcam from pc/mobile within home or from internet My goals are to be able to capture my home surrounding (back yard, driveway, car license plates etc.) day and night. I prefer not to user external camera as it would be difficult of me to go the the process of mounting and wiring outside the house. As such, I like to use indoor camera and place it inside to make things simple. I know this may or may not work so i am looking for suggestions of all sorts... but my initial priority is to zero in on the right camera to use. Thanks All.