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  1. I agree, iMVS is an absolute nightmare to set up. I've always used Hikvision kit but since purchasing 4 x DS-2CD2FWD-I's I have not been able to configure a single one of them through Hikvision iMVS 4200 software.
  2. Thank you N2S I followed your suggestion and tried downloading VSPlayer, once again it refused to download. I then copied the download link and opened it a new window ...Voilla! VSPlayer downloaded and installed without any problem and the icing on the cake ...it includes FormatConverter v.4 ...in English This doesn't change my view of Hikvision ...until they provide a choice of export formats. Really appreciate the help N2S, and thanks again
  3. Like others here, I seem to be unable to convert any of the files from an export. I have tried to use HikVision's file converter but it is in chinese. Not sure if anyone else has this problem but I am unable to download any file from HikVision, the only option I have is to open the files from source. As a new Hikvision customer I am beginning to wonder if I have wasted my money on the DVR. The whole point of buying a DVR is to export video files in a readable (useable) format. Hikvision will be getting no more of my hard earned and that is a certainty.