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  1. RacingSnake

    Compatible replacement

    Whats the issue? I'm running 5 of these cameras and I have to say, I'm actually really happy with them. They are also about to 'imminently' release some new firmware for the cameras which will help improve quality of both day & night, but substantially improve the night image and behaviour of the wide dynamic range setting.
  2. RacingSnake

    Swann "video signal loss"

    is it IP based or analogue? This might well be, and probably is wrong, but... I whinged to swann about intermittent loss when viewing the (IP) cameras on our home TV, and the reason given was that the NVR will prioritise decoding and storage of the data over decoding and pushing it to an extrernal display. The reason why it'll stream well on an app/device is because in that case you're taking the raw feed and the computer/device is doing the decoding instead.
  3. Hiya, I've got the same issue... I've got an open ticket with Swann on a different issue with regards to the WDR behaviour (there will be firmware coming out for the NHD 810,811,815 cameras soon to fix it). but whilst there I asked about the frame rate issue and this was the response: They sent me a link to the 'swannview player', which I can't get to run and isn't very practical, so I'll probably just find the setting to deactivate the variable framerate and suck up the quality. Hope that helps