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  1. bobbysmith

    HD DVR with PTZ

    Orlando Florida. I have several DVR locations each with a diffrent model and need an app that will work with all models. Meye did the work.
  2. bobbysmith

    HD DVR with PTZ

    Thank you What is the model number of your system?
  3. bobbysmith

    HD DVR with PTZ

    hello all this is my first post. I have been using DVR camera systems for several years and I'm looking to upgrade my current system . I currently use of Q-see 408 system for with standard low quality cameras. I have looked at the swann system and find there online data is out of date and had very little help with support. My goal is to upgrade to HD and still use the BNC cables in place. I have a total of eight cameras which include four with PTZ. PTZ is a 27x zoom. I also use Meye iPad and need a system that is compatable. Can anyone suggest a system to further my research? bobby