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  1. eashleyfl

    Swann DVR9-4200 motherboard

    Thanks. I was able to get a refurbished DRV9-4200 from Swann for $149. When the new one arrives I'll duplicate the hard drive and send my original in for them to quote me a refurb. I was trying to do too many things at once yesterday and whacked the OS on the original disk. Doesn't seem to be any actual problem with the hard drive. E
  2. Hello, My Swann DVR9-4200 started reporting HDD Error repeatedly and stopped recording any streams. I initialized the disk several times with no change. Eventually, the DVR stopped recognizing the disk at all. Well when I opened the case, it turns out that a capacitor leaked over at least 1 diode on the PCB. Anyone know where I can get a replacement TCMB03 v110? Also, I want to change the hard drive. Will I need copy a disk image onto it or is the base OS in EEPROM on this system? The system is several months out of warranty. Thanks, Eric