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  1. Hello, i have a dvr with 4ch's. i setup the network settings and it's work from outside from IE. i try many dvr software on google play but i cant connect to it and all give me connection failed only n viewer is work but with error: null fail to connect http failed. i try to work through rstp but it's not work too. there is the dvr information system:v4.02.r11.60426094.12000 build date: 2013-11-13 18:52:02 system Status: 2368 when i open settings>system>network it's give me two types of port media port:8447 and http port:8448 also when i open settings>system>netservice>rtsp it's enabled with port 5447 and also there is another option named mobile monitoring it's enabled with port 5448 when i try to open http://myip:8448 from my mobile and input user name and password it's give me the required a plugin to to enable but from computer is fine from IE after download this file from this link: http://xmsecu.com:8080/ocx/NewActive.exe so how i can check the camera from my android mobile ?