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  1. I need to replace several (about a dozen) DVR units in various U.S. locations, I am searching for resources to decide which brand I can consider. The units I need are standard BNC connections, 8 or 16 channels, HD / 1080p and most importantly, must have interface software that works.... easy to export, remote viewing, etc I've started looking at the retail brands.... Swann, Lorex, and others found on Amazon. I am skeptical on using other lesser known brands without reviewing what others have experienced. Thanks for any guidance
  2. usdan

    DVR set up

    Did you try to attach a monitor (a screen for a pc) to the DVR ?
  3. Is anyone else having problems playing export MP4 videos on Windows 10? Also, I have the Player downloaded on Windows 10 and it doesn't function either. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Greetings all, I have misplaced the power adapter for the Aver EH1116H-4 Nano. I should be a 12V ?amp adapter. Does anyone have the specs as to what while work this? Thanks Dan