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    hello, i'm kinda just here to ask a question, because i couldn't find a contact to bunker hill. but while i'm doing the intro i guess i can ask what forum to ask my actual question in, if not here. it pertains to buying their simplest system, a little 2 camera deal with a 4" screen i picked up cheap in a pawn shop. i think it's originally sold at harbor freight. i brought it kinda just to play with it, but now am thinking of setting up something a little better. i'm wondering if the cameras will work with one of their (or someone elses) better setups, since i like where i put the cameras and don't want to change them out. one's in a roof vent and i don't want to risk a leak changing out to something else if i have to redrill and reseal old holes and whatnot. thanks, and if i need to ask in another section let me know.