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  1. Hi, I would appreciate any recommendations for online dealers of mid level or above IP cameras, DVRs, and related equipment, who offer competitive prices and some advice. I am trying to help a relative who has several institutional buildings that are being remodeled overall and will have complete video security systems installed. He hasn't found the local pros to be adequate, since they won't even provide anything as basic as the DVR memory to be provided in their quote. Anyway, the primary building requires 35-40 cameras, POE, mostly indoor, DVR Etc. I don't need too much hand-holding or detailed advice, like choosing lenses or locations, but just general info about camera and DVR product lines and compatibility. Thanks.
  2. Hello, and let me first say that I really appreciate this forum for the valuable information that I have found here over the last few years. I have several Cohu 2700 series cameras that operate (according to the manual) only in field mode. They worked fine previously using my old Pelco DX4000 series DVR, but not with the much newer DX4100 series that I have replaced it with. The right side of the images are cut off, whether I am viewing either live or recorded video. All of my other cameras (of various types) work fine with either DVR. Does anyone have any similar experience or know of an affordable solution to this problem? I see that some very expensive DVRs (~$10,000) specify that they can record in field mode, but since my old dinosaur DVR was apparently able to do so, I have to believe there is a cheaper alternative. Thanks.