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  1. tube tech

    Recomendations for adjustable systems

    pro cameras. every camera at the price of a good used car. if you are not in the habit of saying "my other Learjet" - no. Secondly, Is anyone aware of any NVR systems which allow the user to set up the recording schedule. the least expensive eBay DVR worth having can do this. it is unlikely that NVRs did not keep the ability.
  2. tube tech

    Cameras Black White

    it would be a tiny little switch on the back. the kind you set with a jewelers screwdriver. I can't find a manual for the camera on the internet.
  3. tube tech

    Cameras Black White

    is there a PAL / NTSC setting? PAL is black and white with pale random colors on an NTSC system. NTSC is American standard
  4. 1) try 2 & 15, Relay 1 common and Relay 1 NO 2) don't run AC through your DVR. use those connections to run an external relay
  5. tube tech

    Networking Course

    do it right. study for Network+ certification. https://www.professormesser.com/network-plus/n10-007/n10-007-training-course/
  6. tube tech

    CCTV setup for farm

    Start with a proof of concept demonstration I would start with an IP camera that displays the focal length. temporarily mount it where you think you might want surveillance cameras, adjust zoom to suit and document for replay. determine needs before committing cash, sell management on more. if you get the coverage you need, and you don't need to PTZ all cameras, get cheap wired cameras, wire them to a DVR in the barn, and feed that to a wireless bridge. they come with either 6mm lenses or 2.1s. I have a pile of unused 6mms. use the focal length determined with the zoom lens above to order lenses off ebay. here in the states you must have the DVR time and date accurate or the opposing lawyer gets the evidence banned from court. this means you need NTP capability. all cameras sync themselves to your national time standard. disable the clocks on the IP cameras if you have them and use DVR NTP as the sole time source.
  7. tube tech

    Waves on monitor

    waves in monitor is typically a ground loop. one ground loop can affect many cameras. take all off line but one, then add them back one at a time until the ground loop shows up. try the camera that ground loops by itself ground loops are typically fixed with a video isolation transformer. I have a ground loop from a camera with a broken ground connection inside the camera. when it ground loops it takes out a second healthy camera on the same DVR. this is not a straightforward troubleshoot and fix situation.
  8. tube tech

    Waves on monitor

    disconnect all but 1. if the waves are gone, put the rest on line one at a time in my system this was caused by a camera with a flaky ground inside.
  9. tube tech

    Strange flickering lines on the screen

    yes, cable is camera, equipment is DVR. it either works a miracle or has no effect.
  10. tube tech

    Cctv wire cut in half

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/5PCS-BNC-Male-CAT5-CCTV-Video-Adapter-Coaxial-Coax-Balun-Camera-TV-Connector-Top/172817905477 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Coax-CAT5-To-CCTV-Coaxial-Camera-Video-BNC-Female-Jack-Balun-Adapter-Connector/252476285422 from China, naturally.
  11. tube tech

    Strange flickering lines on the screen

    what you have is a ground loop. how you cure it is an isolation transformer
  12. tube tech

    What happened to this camera?

    there are three sensors in an NTSC camera, red, green and blue. you lost blue and green for a while. probably moisture intrusion. that is almost always what kills my cameras.
  13. tube tech

    Help with remote remote property

    Trail cams. Designed to blend into trees. See trailcampro.com You want a no glow cam
  14. tube tech

    Distortion on certain cameras

    that looks like an open shield on the coax. always at the connector that's hardest to reach open center conductor >> no video open shield >> video finds ground through another path, but it's noisy