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  1. tube tech

    Waves on monitor

    disconnect all but 1. if the waves are gone, put the rest on line one at a time in my system this was caused by a camera with a flaky ground inside.
  2. tube tech

    Strange flickering lines on the screen

    yes, cable is camera, equipment is DVR. it either works a miracle or has no effect.
  3. tube tech

    Cctv wire cut in half

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/5PCS-BNC-Male-CAT5-CCTV-Video-Adapter-Coaxial-Coax-Balun-Camera-TV-Connector-Top/172817905477 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Coax-CAT5-To-CCTV-Coaxial-Camera-Video-BNC-Female-Jack-Balun-Adapter-Connector/252476285422 from China, naturally.
  4. tube tech

    Strange flickering lines on the screen

    what you have is a ground loop. how you cure it is an isolation transformer
  5. tube tech

    What happened to this camera?

    there are three sensors in an NTSC camera, red, green and blue. you lost blue and green for a while. probably moisture intrusion. that is almost always what kills my cameras.
  6. tube tech

    Help with remote remote property

    Trail cams. Designed to blend into trees. See trailcampro.com You want a no glow cam
  7. tube tech

    Distortion on certain cameras

    that looks like an open shield on the coax. always at the connector that's hardest to reach open center conductor >> no video open shield >> video finds ground through another path, but it's noisy
  8. about that "you should never solder coax" research "install PL-259 connector." anyone doing high power RF solders the connector. you did get bad advice, but it's not what you think it was.
  9. if they come with CAT5 cables, you don't need more if you may install another network device at or near the camera in the future, installing CAT6 may save you work in the future but if you continue on that line of thinking, you should pull fiber optic I would pull the CAT5 on hand, and multi mode fiber
  10. tube tech

    nvr and dvr camera questions

    those converters probably do not convert the signal format. they provide an interface so the signal can be sent over CAT5 cable, and at the other end, they convert back. they interface the video signal to the CAT5 cable. we would need to see a link to verify this if they look like this, they are baluns, not signal converters https://www.ebay.com/itm/LOT-CCTV-Coax-BNC-Video-Power-Balun-Transceiver-to-CAT5e-6-RJ45-Connector-US/303066208877?hash=item4690275a6d:m:mG0qV4NnSFl3pECiiLVFv_A
  11. tube tech

    Black Wavy Lines

    that has a name: ground loop. two grounds in the system are at different levels. in theory the cure is a video isolation transformer. none of the ones I tried ever helped a bit. verify that both ends of the coax have good grounds.
  12. tube tech

    Camera placemnt - on or off building?

    eye level for face recognition, at the end of a corridor where they have to walk right at it. 3.6 mm focal length or higher. lower numbers distort too much. cameras in windows give you a prolonged mug shot if they pause and not enough to recognize if they walk past 8 feet up if you want to know that someone is out there, but not necessarily who. 1.7 mm to 2.8 mm lenses I mounted two cameras on my front porch, facing the house, in a crossfire, if you are on either you are on both. if you think you are hiding against the wall, I got your profile from both sides. 2.8 mm lenses I have two outdoor cameras mounted in bird houses. birds actually built a nest in one of them. this is an improvement over the previous hornets nests. cameras on the outside looking in present cabling headaches.
  13. tube tech

    How to enhance cctv footage

    1978 Westphalia. sucked $8,000 from my bank account. not one tiny bit closer to running. everybody who drives by wants to buy it for chump change. every one of them too stupid to comprehend that they would not be buying an unrunning VW, they would be buying an unrunning VW and $6,000 worth of parts they would have to buy to get it running.
  14. tube tech

    Body cams are not discrete enough

    the real problem is that you can't get them to sit at a useful angle. they rotate to where you get a superb view of your right elbow a second aggravation is the sound. the person who looks like your right elbow sounds OK, you sound like BLARFGOKLEMUMBZZT because the mike that picks up the other party overloads from your too-close mouth