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  1. Sorry for late reply guys called into work for nightshifts and couldn't test until tonight. Received the 2A (2000Mah) power supply and ran the 4 cameras off it and all were the same, then ran 1 camera at a time and still the same... running out of ideas now, that's new cameras with new rg59 coax cables and new power supply and still fuzzy/pixelated.. All my power adaptors are connected via an extension cable with surge protector ..... could this be at fault? even though its been there from the start when everything was ok ? Or has anyone any other ideas? Many Thanks
  2. Many thanks for your helpful reply, I have ordered what you suggest from amazon and it will be here on Wednesday, so I will post up results and hopefully have this problem sorted once and for all. Thank you once again, I really appreciate your help.
  3. Hi, I replaced the power cable "like for like" . spec is, Model - NLA050120W1E Input - 100 - 240 V 50/60Hz 0.2A Max Output 12v 500mA I am in the uk. (if that makes a difference) Many Thanks.
  4. Hi all, not an expert so go easy.......... Here's my problem. Swann dvr8-4150 analogue 8 channel dvr with 4 pro-530 cameras. all cameras are around my home, furthers away is roughly 40 feet from the dvr. Had this for around a year with no problems, then one night all cameras were "fuzzy + pixelated" at night but fine during the day. I was thinking the IR was going on the Cameras so I purchased 4 new swann Pro-753 700tlv camera's and these were the same at night, ! replaced the rg59 thinking it might be a coax fault, they were still the same at night. switched power supplys and they were still the same at night. I also have a PTZ which does not have IR and this is the same. Ran the coax direct to my monitor bypassing the dvr to see if the dvr was at fault and they were still the same at night. I'm now completely baffled. .... (A cctv installer actually said it must be a poltergeist as he has no idea why this is happening. ) any advice on what could be the problem?
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