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  1. turanafon

    Bars on CCTV

    are the baluns not marked up as to 1 x at dvr end and 1 x at camera end ?? the baluns i have used are marked like that, . Dont know if it matters , im sure a more tech guy on here would respond .
  2. turanafon

    Annke DN41R

    does anyone have any ideas ? ive tried 3 x diff monitors and a VGA cable, numerous diff cameras. 3 diff psu's only thing i have not tried yet is an hdmi cable.
  3. turanafon

    Sannce DVR firmware recovery

    did this work ?
  4. turanafon

    Annke DN41R

    hello friends i have purchased the dvr model DN41R i have tried many cameras with this product, such as Sannce 2XDome 720P IR Cut IR LED HD-TVI HD and non HD cameras. i have swapped power supply 3 times. i have changed cables. i am getting power of 12v .. but i get NO PICTURE from any camera. could this DVR be faulty ??? any help appreciated.
  5. at that distance i would probably have ran it in cat5/6 onto baluns.
  6. turanafon

    Screen far away NVR

    there is no issue with Hikvision as i have installed this many times
  7. turanafon

    CAT6 wiring for IP

    i always use orange/white orange Green/white Blue Blue/White Green Brown/White Brown
  8. Ok thankyou , i changed the title
  9. turanafon

    Upgrading CCTV system Qvis

    I would go for Hikvision Dvr
  10. Hello people, I am posting as i need some help/advice. i have installed an Annke cctv system in a friends Fish&chip shop, All 4 cameras were working at first, then after the first week 1 of the cameras stopped. I went back and changed the bnc connectors at both ends and the picture returned , but only for a short time. The picture has now gone again yet there is 12v power at both ends and the IR light up, but no video. i plugged the camera direct into the dvr and bingo we have a picture. i checked the shotgun cable from the dvr to the camera and see no signs of damage anywhere. now what i want to know is this cable runs above past a Kebab machine which when its on is very hot as you can imagine and heat rises, Could this be a problem on the coax side of the shotgun cable as the power is not affected, only the picture. i have no other idea as to what it could be. i wanted to check before i go and run a new cable next week. thanks
  11. turanafon


    Hello one and all. I have recently started a new career in the industry of CCTV/intruder Alarm/Access Control. I look forward to gaining some help from reading the threads here and hope if i have any questions someone can help me out