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  1. Caroline.N

    video day vs. night, please help

    check DNR/3DNR(Digital Noise Reduction)
  2. All our IP Cameras have the Two-way Audio (Audio Input) optional, POE optional, just need to add a little $. Hope you have solved the solution...
  3. Caroline.N

    Happy New Year 2016!

    Happy New Year every one! I am from Shenzhen, China. Currently I am working at a CCTV product factory. Our customers are mainly distributors and dealers, so maybe I cann't give you the correct price suggest(there should be price difference from factory to dealers, and we must protect dealers' profit ). But for any technical question, I will try to answer it when I have time. Each year I will go here and there for CCTV exhibitions, and visit some customers. Hope we can make friends here and one day meet in real life. May peace, love and joy fill your heart and the heart of our entire family!
  4. Caroline.N

    New Member (Probably) --

    Come on, you will be always worth in the world. Hope you are happy every day!
  5. You can buy a suit with 1 NVR and 8 wifi IP camera. It is quite easy, cost about USD300