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  1. srtcsolution

    greeting from newcomer

    welcome we are happy to help
  2. srtcsolution

    Working with Mozilla

    all cctv camera support active x control for video display. mostly os support Internet Explorer . if you want see cam on pc or laplop . install cms of dvr you get mini cd with your dvr. use that dvd and install cms setup . after that you can see cam on your laptor or pc
  3. srtcsolution

    connect CCTV camera to PC

    use ip cam. that you direct access from pc or mobile both
  4. for home tvt ip cam best and good quality
  5. srtcsolution

    password reset

    kindly send your pic of your dvr or whatsapp me at 91 9216924231
  6. srtcsolution

    Advice for new home camera system

    kindly see tvt product for wide angle and longer support more tech support shatsapp me at 91+9216924231 http://en.tvt.net.cn
  7. srtcsolution

    Help needed with CCTV footage

    check power of cam
  8. srtcsolution

    Maisi Home cctv p2p

    u choose 4ch dvt system and install it
  9. srtcsolution

    Upgrading CCTV system Qvis

    now u want to install 8ch dvr system. ?
  10. srtcsolution

    TP Power Link Camera connection

    now what major prob you are facing
  11. use grand stream sip enable ip cam. you get good result
  12. srtcsolution

    samsung srd-1654 admin password

    use 0000 12345 admin 666666 888888 or flesh with firmware of this dvr
  13. format the hard drive and select record mode if work then ok other wise change the hard disk
  14. check wire connection and power supply, and check led ir of cam . all are working. or change the ir of cam
  15. srtcsolution

    DVR 3115A4ch Chinese

    you need flash it or re install firmware of this dvr